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Veterans matter knew more homeless years from streets into their own home by visiting cardboard to headboard When you know they will die if you don't you just do. They're not alone. They have you? Traffic delay starting to build on the blue Water bridge, both east and west between the US and Canada due to it being closed to non essential traffic mile road westbound on Pauline's shutdown over 75 for the middle of the week. Concrete repairs. The service crime, however, remains open for business on Dan Levy, W. J. Air traffic and weather first body today with scattered showers again. Temperatures below average mid fifties this afternoon all the way down into the upper thirties tonight. Sunshine near 60 Monday more sunshine upper sixties Tuesday from the Weather Channel meteorologist Ken Buddha New stock. 7 60 W J. R You have housing questions? The inside outside guys on W. J. R have the answers Here are Ken and shock 88 654. 489788654 guys stick around 7 30. We're going to have Mr Michaels task off from the Southeast Michigan Home Bill Association, talking about Seita housings. Michigan cracked. Yeah, talking about dexterity. We're going extra bonus. Our from noon to one. Only our listeners have come to really enjoy. Yes, yes. Who would be Mr Dave Campo from Campell Builders? Yes. We every time David's on with us talking about smart homes and the beautiful homes that they build. We get a lot of favorable response. So looking forward to that. That will be a bonus our next Saturday, Right Sir. 12 to 1 really are 8654 guys equals eight. 6544897 Chuck you mentioned earlier. We're seeing a lot of emails about the mosque issue. Oh, gosh. Yeah. I put a video out 02 weekends ago about vegetation and how important it is to keep the vegetation.

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