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But if you're sending so much of the podcast, they get what it is. You don't have to waste their time. So you're going to do a long homepage. Maybe make that inservice of having a gallery of all of your past episodes, but you don't have to go on and on podcast. And what I mean is that if I'm trying to see what's working for other podcasters to reverse engineer them. It doesn't seem as easy as going to see their site. And then an and watching what's change over the years, because Tim hasn't changed his site for years. I mean, literally, I think five years, it hasn't changed. Feels like there's something else and feels like a lot of times you can't tell what people are doing unless you're deep in the site because, as a superficial view of someone site, you don't know why they're changing or what they're changing is the homepage in the site, even really where the action is makes it absolutely does. So first thing worth asking yourself is, are you looking at a website where the website is actually the bottleneck to conversion what here's what I mean by that. People don't need to go to Tim dot blog to listen to his podcast, and they just go right through tunes. They go through Spotify. So Tim has no, extreme motivation or incentive to go and waste time updating his website, endlessly when no one's even using his website to get up. I'm sure that's not then I don't know that we would even know that wouldn't we just say, hey, look, maybe it's that, and then we'd walk away with this impression, and then completely missed that what he might be doing is buying a bunch of ads to landing pages to collect Email addresses in exchange for giving you his bullet. Five bullet Friday or his checklist from what he learned from. Interviews. And then from there, he gets people subscribe, but none of it happens on his website at all happens on adds that lead to landing pages lead to an Email. And then from there, there's a podcast when I'm trying to say is it's doesn't seem like it would be obvious by just looking at somebody's homepage in reverse engineering it, what how they do their business. Right. So I it is worth reiterating. No, that for podcasts, not the best example, but that said, you could use you can go, Tim dot blog Ford slash site map that XM L as sort of, you know, auto generated file that'll reveal every page on their website. You can just go look them in. See do. They actually have special any pages. And then if you pop on open something like try dot Tim dot blog, or try dot to dot com, which happens very often, then you can go look at those using that site map file, but the real answer is you did the first, you did the correct first step, which is either based on your experience or based on archive dot org. Looking at the history of his website, if you I know. No, or see, through our that org that his website hasn't changed in ages the a sign you shouldn't be looking at it, because this is not someone who takes AB testing and growth marketing seriously on their homepage. So what you really want to do is go for other companies who do have show progression over time when archive dot org and most importantly, are actually succeeding, wildly. So, obviously, Tim succeeds wildly but most products that you're trying to benchmark off of this process that I'm sharing a should be ones that are actually at the top of their game. Our crushing it. You could test this through a couple of means you can go to Alexa dot.

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