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Joulwan secure. No I don't want to assure they'll cover up. People are fucking hilarious. I I don't know where to go with that I'm done. I got nothing. Nothing more to bitch about tonight. I'm done I'm good. That was a that was a fun. Intelligent kids SEIS little episode episode right. They're pretty topic for almost everything. We did almost missed one. I wanted to talk a little bit about Uber. Her just because I want to say way to go BC Courts for upholding the decision and telling taxi drivers to go pound salt. Once again. They're going to keep fighting. And you just gotTa keep telling them bug in Go Drive Ruber and quit. Waste court time but it was really get they got they got another. They got basically just laughed out of court. Today it's guys give up. Uber is here this day. And I don't think you're losing a lot of business to them so quick lining. Yeah but I'm not going to fire up a whole new topic and hour and a half. I can save that for tomorrow where we will. I want to get back on the maps podcast. I am trying to locate them and expose them figure out who they are. And where they're podcasting from and wipe them off the face of the fuck doc in Earth along with in cells and every other fucking deviant pieces shit and this is where things get real murky right now with the Trans Community and the Lgbtq community that these sick mother fuckers think they deserve to be a a part of that. Gordon I kinda say this is where it's leaning and we everybody kind of jolt. Oh what comes next book in NBC. Odeen oh here we are now at here. So that's what's happening and we gotta deal with it. I am not Guay to allow it to be L. G. T. V. Fucking P for pedophile. That's not a thing that I'm marching in a parade for new. Do not at all as soon as that gets accepted with them. That is it saw that I hopefully. We'll have some more information for you guys. And if I do it'll be on our website and it will also be talked about tomorrow night on this show. I want to talk about the new Batman. 'cause he pisses me right the fuck off and I don't but we will anyways yes breath. I don't understand why Robert Pattinson has to exist. But that's for Tomorrow Until Then Ladies Gentlemen roughly twenty three hours from now. We're we'RE GONNA be back to do this for you. In the meantime Hashtag easiest thing in the world take care of each other. Don't own crossbow pointed at a fucking pedophile pointed at Dave Dobbin. Myer or him to. I'm fine with that. Ah I love you dad. I'd say suck addictive but don't you'll suck a kid so I don't know how how wrong I'm going to start some music and play us out. What do I WANNA ACLU's out with? I'm going to go away breath. How about this one? I don't even know what this is on all that stupid again. Everybody yeah what's this the Uh.

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