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The Friday. Morning Atlanta's, seventy two degrees in college park I'm Lucia here's here's. What's happening This. Is probably going to be the most pro black president that we've. Had in our lifetime that's a black Ohio pastor who was, an early, supporter of president Donald Trump's campaign speaking during a White House gathering faith leaders. Pastor, Daryll Scott thinks President Trump will be. The most pro black president in his lifetime Scott compare, Trump to his predecessor Barack Obama this. President actually wants to prove something to our. Community our faith based community and the community. The last president didn't feel like he had he felt like even have we. Gotta pass the, roundtable with the president was focused on efforts to reform the. Prison system during Trump's campaign he accused Democrats of doing too little to help urban communities often. As an often asked rather African Americans what they had to lose by voting for him the White House. Has been focusing its criminal Justice reform efforts on improving, reentry rehabilitation and workforce training programs instead. Of sentencing, reform with many advocates Argue which many advocates argue would make a. Bigger difference in other news the statue of liberty climber is due in federal court in Manhattan. Today to face charges Patricia Okumu scaled lady liberty on July four. To denounce is and what she consider President Trump's anti immigration, policies including, detention centers and the forced separation of families are protests calls a three hour. Police, standoff in the evacuation of liberty island. Her supporters are circulating an online petition calling on prosecutors, to drop the charges against her which. Include trespassing disorderly conduct and interference with a. Government agency sports now little leaguers from Washington. DC we'll make history this weekend the Mamie Johnson little leaguers from southeast DC. Will be the, first predominantly predominantly black team ever to represent the nation's capital. At the little league mid Atlantic regionals when the team took the DC championship last month late. Last month it was the first time in more than thirty years that a team from north west Washington's. Wealthy neighborhoods did not win the title The Mamie Johnson team is named for, the first woman, to pitch in the negro leagues the twelve member ball club that was founded only four years ago has eleven. Players who are black and one who, is white a multi vehicle crash has shut down, multiple northbound lanes, on, the downtown connector just before I twenty we'll have, a full traffic report, for. You just ahead a look. At the weather now flash flood watch is posted until eight this morning for many parts of northern Georgia expect a thirty percent chance of showers and thunderstorms we'll see cloudy skies today with a high near eighty three right now, seventy one degrees in east point for news and talk thirteen eighty w. a. okay I'm libra Harris now here's a look at traffic We're traveling down a connector headed north. Abernathy had to hold all the travel lanes getting the vehicles out of the travel portion of the roadway fell soon you'll be moving again. But Dili's begin in back before the seventy five eighty five the path Abernathy again all. Lanes temporarily held that will get you back in business and all the road again I'm definitely stop whereas on the dock thirteen. Eighty w. a. l. k..

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