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Tv round six of the cool vibe racing british. Many championships egypt's the payback one four t a motor team riders get underway now. It's a good stop by broadway heading into the first corner for the first time jamie king he's closet very nicely into second place will just follow the number twenty eight biter just about looks like everyone's made it through the first few corn cleanly made to christmas. Curb is an up pill run into the one hundred happen then you go left right left to gain a pet because it's such a bumpy section of the circuit in say a a following hairpin happens tight one. It's very tight technical circuit. The will to mill one in daventry. The wind has pretty much. Stop now say these white is. I'm going to be getting the resistance heading into shape but equally getting the push out the final corner which is going to be held abroad right. He's already scientists to gap jamie. He came only sunday. Only by machine length or cyber not is crucially. Won't you need speaking of crucially so far. Simon clouds leads the motor team cast greece two categories interest rates the paper one fourteen and the moto teams motor teens will how is leading not championship by two points ahead of simon clouds but as liam agent appreciate sadly will is no hair with an interest rates. We do well very soon. We'll be great to have you back out very soon but simon eighteen point position to school brilliant championship points and so far he's doing a good job of that on the spurs life but nassir very taking going down the phil gray king and a hook that should stop three in there. There's also another championship battle. We talk about that's the big one forties with jimmy. Kenya leading harvey close knit harvey r._v. will not be here this weekend to pick up some points as he had a nightmare i'd let after packed up his fascist when and the payback one forty so we told by parents contain this weekend just focus on the b._t._c. so fortunate one have harvard campus got raiders stopped on track. That was number sixty two trying to pick up some. Tom p._c.'s also yes. It could be very sexy to so we'll just have to wait to see that could be. It looks like a baby. How does it keep the so keep on the sex too. I stopped stocking no chef it was an incident or the baked just stopped but we've got great battle on track between bernie hick jump petite and raw apetite for a third fourth and feth possession. It looks like one of them has just pulled a we ever so slightly from pursuing battle but bernie hick on zito bake is embroiled always an a lot of face aid to here on the circuit. Whatever runs we ever go to dan but they've been coming in. Turn mistakes bass. Wherever we take each other now you can't be doing that. That's because it's the yellow find out that he got to be careful with that. Yellow flag back into law trouble and thanks brent facilities wilson mail this brand swanky new very opaque glass window in the race trucks will be able to see any misdemeanor shoot you'd be making them but broadway off off into the distance so he thought two seconds after three lots had jamie king with a fifty three point three six nine yellow flag going out there someone seemingly pointing <hes> broadway. I'm saying i'm i. He's trying to contest for. Jamie came in second. Jump <unk> is now said petites fighting away bernie's hoping and only those parts of his in the moment how they kind of wybrow henning jesus uneven jackson yet top eight at jack andrews and sorry clouds simon still leading the moto team concern by one point seven seconds. I pretty comfortable only top seven the motorola team fast faisal way bernie hook accounting china wybrow <unk> kinda wanna trade seven minutes rice into the chicane left. Then ryan got a very hustle the bike over us on your way to get it over rotate the bike around with a massive talk writing all out on the run outs or the final corner of a tricky line. I can't even say you're inviting the curb. He we're safer way. He needs christmas corner. One small notre engine for that position so far not loot running yeah. I was thinking that maybe two second penalty peptide.

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