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Marcellus and foreign them sean is calling a basketball game travis in four marcellus today be around a little bit good stuff for me like that all right so let's talk about this carmelo anthony was talking about referees in the the referees getting a quick trigger and referees being too sensitive and guys getting teed up too quickly and here's the quote mrs carmelo anthony talking the game has changed a lot since i came in fifteen years ago the players in the officials had that dialogue whether it was good or whether it was bad there was always a point where they would let you get off a little steam and then you'd come to you and say that's enough let's move on now the triggers too quick you look at somebody wrong you get a technical foul you say one thing you've got a technical foul so i think that's a difference from when i came in the dialogue and communication in the relationship to players and officials had when it first came in from now is a lot different here here's just a good rule of thumb ourselves when it comes to officials and they all i think russian city all most of them forget this at one point or another uh no one cares that you're there get it no they're they're necessary have to have him round the because somebody's got to be the one to deal with all the every in an ad hoc italy even do not him okay okay maybe not i got to be like i'll look on the feel of italy over wear the braves and falcons had an ad hoc yuli juncker angry beerwah as adds going to get his right you are going to get his time in a tell you a story instead of just saying holding under for 73 right he's going to give you a backstory white house there 73 gator twitter eight in less there's something that you just can't overlook don't t a guy up dump thumba guy don't don't run a guy out of here then because i want to see kevin durant i want to see lebrun james i want to see the players.

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