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The other the documentary It's coming out the Woody Allen Suni. I know off the Air Steve Macintosh, rolled his eyes about that yesterday and said, it's a 30 year old story. The deal. Well, guess what. It had the biggest premiere ratings on HBO and two years HBO's latest Docuseries Allen versus Pharaoh Re opening the case of alleged sexual molestation of Dylan Farrow premiered to a little more than one million viewers. That is the biggest premiere for the cable ER in almost two years. That number includes all HBO platforms. The last time HBO saw those numbers was with the case against ADM. Non science based on the popular serial podcast. The dock, which features Pharaoh Dylan and Ronin forced the accusations into the spotlight once again. As a result, Moses Pharaoh's 2018 s a trend it and it. Moses, who was present that day, defended his father and accused his mother of abusing and brainwashing him and his brothers and sisters, Michelle Pelino Fox. News. Thanksgiving must be a treat at their house, huh?.

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