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So mike as i said james franco's here now i guess i can you know i was i didn't know what to expect i didn't know him and as those eu listen to this show no that you know we had an episode that had some james franco on it i was in austin as it south by southwest i believe i was doing alive wtf there i can't remember who was on i do remember naper gets he was air and other some other people and in franco and harmony corinne were promoting the film spring breakers and in in sort of a last minute thing charlie the duty book some of this stuff up there said well they're gonna come by so they did and i talked to harmony backstage and i met judge franco and harmony seem very animated very funny james was you know a what i perceived as a bit aloof and and then you know i started the show and they came out and they did uh you know and it was difficult it was weird you know it was alive audience and i had made in the sumptuous i decide soon and this is this is something we all do and we don't necessarily need to do i had assumed that james franco was some kind of them your pseudo intellectual all kind of affected pompous guy and uh you know he's doing ally stuff going to a lot of schools doing so at a art and i just made assumptions before i met him and he came out and i and i thought harmony would be fun because he was always farm when he was hit on letterman he was pleasant backstage his chatty and he kinda locked up on me and acted affected in weird and franco i asked him some straight ahead questions but he seemed to i you know i just decided he was being a to me and you know we gotta hatchets out and we will hatchet out by but what i realised and i'll tell him this is that i realised like the the data i interviewed him like he he didn't know what he was walking into he didn't know me he didn't know the show and end the live show was with a live show and there's an audience so i'm acting like an asshole and.

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