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You're listening to the best of Todd and Don show, actually, my parts a little better Todd's, but we're going to be live at five thirty you. Stay tuned. You're listening to the best of Todd and dawn on NewsRadio. KLBJ now later this morning. There's going to be an interesting press conference calling for the Austin school district to be divided into two separate districts a group of community activists this morning. We'll call for the US to reach while the school boundaries to end the long standing segregation or allow eastern Austin to form its own school district. These demands were among the list of changes the coalition, which includes leaders of the ACP the league of United Latin American citizens, the teachers labor union education Austin and some setting school board trustees. Yeah, they say that all these measures are necessary to improve the quality of education for low income students of color, particularly those living in east Austin. Now these activists have worked on their goals for months announced their declaration of principles in action at a news conference this morning. Here are some of the things they're asking for they want overall school boundary to an open transfer. Policy to address segregation as well as overcrowded and under enrolled campuses, they want to obtain an independent cost assessment on splitting the district into two. Separate campuses are two separate districts. They wanna hire an equity officer would examine all district decisions on policy and distribution of money and resources provide subsidized housing and housing stipends to teachers and pay higher salaries to teachers who work in schools with high enrollment of low income students. They also want to halt the school closures until the district's efforts to boost enrollment at those campuses have been exhausted. So that press conference is going to happen later this morning jumping here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety now the school board members already have directed administrators to investigate. This proposal divide the district into two including conducting a cost benefit analysis on this idea. Now district officials are also working on the legal and financial assessment in a plan to have detailed information back to the school. Very soon. That's what Nicole Johnson. She's the chief business operations officer for the SD said. I listen, I keep trying do whatever you can it. It doesn't really excite me that much because it I'm sorry. We always keep going back to this. But it is the truth. It is the the main issue, and it always what is going on in the household. It's about it's about parental involvement. That is the key here. It's about how stable the household is. And none of this does seem to be really addressing that issue. And I don't know that they know what the heck to do about that issue. So the district is also working on paying stipends to teachers in difficult to fill positions proposed affordable housing for.

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