Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Muller discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


That means prosecutors are recommending what is in effect a natural life sentence for Paul Manafort. You will recall that there is no parole in the federal prison system. So nineteen to twenty four years. We're going to get to that Manafort situation in a little more detail in a second. But the sentencing recommendation from these prosecutors, it not only spells out what they're hoping to get from the judge in Virginia in terms of manafort's sentence. What's interesting about it? What's worth taking a closer look at in terms of the prosecutors memo tonight is that they also in making this case to the judge. They summarize what they believed to have been manafort's crimes and their seriousness, and whether or not he's done other things on top of those crimes that mean that he should have even more of the book thrown at him. So it is worth looking at that in detail. And we're going to get there in just a moment before we do that though, we shouldn't let the magnitude of what just happened with the president's campaign chair. We shouldn't let that push aside. A couple of other really important things that happened today before we got the Manafort sentencing memo, so there's a couple of things that basically got ripened fell off the tree today when it comes to two other cases that derive from Muller's investigation. And the first one is about Roger stone. President Trump's longtime adviser he was arrested at his home in Florida three weeks ago today, Mr. stone has pled not guilty to seven felony charges. He says he wants to go to trial. He says he is innocent of everything he has been charged with but one of the interesting things about Roger stone's indictment right from the get-go was that on the front page of that indictment. Prosecutors notified the court that they considered his case to have a sibling they considered his case to be formally legally related to this other case that has this case number that you see here. Eighteen CR two fifteen. That case is the molar indictment of dozen Russian military intelligence officers that case is the GRU indictment. One of the core. Indictments of Muller's investigation was that GRU indictment from last year in that indictment.

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