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It's Blazek and bold. Ooh. Deep and bold could be a book as well. It could be a book. Damn fine Cup of coffee. Don, how the hell is your coffee? My coffee is great. It's working hard today. It's deep and black. I think that's a mix of your you and the coffee. Yes, I think that's a pick the word that best describes pick out a word that describes gone. Mine is hot mine is brewed mind is strong and mine is appreciated this morning a multi. But let's get let's get to what we all. Just experienced as on hell would say there is a lot of ice. They're scared me to death. I didn't realize it because I looked at the weather, and I I saw it was like thirty and I said, oh, great better than the polar vortex last week. So I pulled out of my garage. My garage is kind of a steep hill coming out of the underground garage. And I got to the top and my car decided it wanted to go back down. Oh, no. Oh my God. Terrifying because the garage door was closed. And I was like, oh, Lord Jesus. I was screaming for Jesus This morning. And luckily it stopped right before the garage door. So all the way back down right back now. Yeah. So. Yeah. Okay. Well, this is lovely. So I was here for a little while. I was petrified for the rest of the trip. I drove around like iris on the roads. I was. Yeah. I was like naming I look Mr. Magoo hear I'm in a crossover. I have a nice big car didn't help girl didn't help dawn. What happened to you? I decided to test it out, you know, like whenever you pull away from the driveway. And then you're like, okay. Oh, this is pretty bad. And then an intersection I was going too fast. And I did a one eighty. I did. I ended up in the opposite direction. It was like one of those. Okay. You know, you're drifting. There's nobody coming for a while. You're like all right. I'm just going to breathe through this. And then you're facing the other way, and they pass your real slow and look at you like they look more scared than you do because they saw your or do that. The distance. Oh boy. And so then I went like forty on the highway me twice as long to get here. Yep. I knew you came from the the fabulous suburb of shore view out of that part of the same guys lot lots of fish tailing. But the the worst part for me will also as the driveway. I have the opposite problem I have the slope down, and I was just grateful. There was nobody in the street as I was just backing up. I was like well here we go. Did it? I didn't even need to hit the gas or anything. Right down. I went. That was very easy to down today. But then walking into the building too. Oh. The security guard is very nervous. He goes, I keep calling building maintenance because I don't want someone to slip and fall. No, it's bad bottom line. Learn from us. Take our warnings. I don't care where you're going because I'm in Eden. Prairie those two are in Saint Paul. I I got out of the car. I got out of the car. And I was like, oh, wow. I mean, every inch around me was all was all was all ice. Then I got on the sidewalk it was all ice. I felt like on hill. I literally did. Stephon the grass. I was like, okay. I'm I'll just walk into grass the rest of the way. I was even scared of that. There was is on the grass so. Thais you it looks just wet a lot of it. Be careful. Yeah. And I guess it's going to stick around for a little while so please especially during rush hour. It's gonna be a Maso in honor of that. Ladies and gentlemen, here is our winter classic. Ranked I think got the highest number seven on the billboard charts. I held Toro or his alias angel Truro with.

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