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Mark Davis. Not only is he showing his passionate Golden Knights games, but also at those Las Vegas aces games, and now he's going to be the owner of the Las Vegas aces. Can. Anybody who's ever been to a nation of game is probably seeing Mark Davis sitting down there, courtside first row watching watching those ladies play. He's been a big supporter of the ASIS since day one. And has really endeared himself, not only to the city of Las Vegas in general, but to that franchise specifically and has kind of become their you know their number one number one fan, so to speak, and for him, too. Take over the ownership role of that team. Just it really speaks volumes to the type of owner he wants to be in Las Vegas is not just the Raiders and now it's gonna be the aces and he's He's really becoming a Major public figure in the most positive kind of ways for the city in the sports scene, and I think that's something that you really need. You want to see. You want to see the owner of your your biggest franchise in the city out there in front of it all and doing everything he can to help support the city and what better way than that take over. I need this franchise who fell just a couple games short of winning it all that Steven and they do that without this campaign, the big center from Australia who was Albert Asia Wilson, I got to, uh, hang out with Asian. She, of course, made it into studio along with Jackie Young and they were hanging out here. We're talking before the season, then, ironically, end up playing in a Charity basketball game for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Lo and behold, who was the coach for my team was Asia. Wilson, Marcus Banks, the coach for the other team, And so it's kind of cool toe get, you know, pulled from the lineup. They like Thompson. Look, you're not hitting your trees get I? I gotta put you on the pine. They're It's like it's like Coach. Come on, now give me a break there, but she was just a lot of fun. I love her. I love her game as well. And I've enjoyed. You know, several aces games with daughters and my wife and it's It's a fun environment, and I'm hoping they're gonna be able to have Fans in the stands, You know, you know is they're able to figure things out with the social distancing and whatnot. And I talked to John Maxwell Gigi his nickname and and John said that he's hoping that by the time the season rolls out that maybe we'll be able to have at least some time. It's some type of fan participation. But he's really looking forward to Mr Davis owning the team as well. Andy Esko, your take is Mark Davis, now not only the proud owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, but also going to be the owner of the Las Vegas aces here in town. I think Matt said it all. It's good for Las Vegas. It's good for the aces of good for the WN BA and it's certainly good for for Mr Davis. It's Ah, I think I think it's a win win situation. Of course, he takes over a team that made it to the WN BA finals last season, had a fine season, unfortunately, were swept by the Seattle for the championship. But still some nice problems and you know that he'll be committed to fielding. Ah, very good basketball team, much like he's been committed to In the best of the best team on the field for the Raiders..

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