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Host. It'd be like so what stay going on this commercial a score of the lions on the line and then i would go do it and then i'd like document the whole thing this was before it was like youtube and <hes> and i would inevitably be horrible at it because i'm not an actor yeah yeah and then i'd come back and then like the inconsolable mexicans they didn't get the microphone so when my brother was originally like asked to be on he got he got hit up by casting director wall out of bar 'cause he was holding court and he's like soga. Gary is now going and they really want him to be on the show. Ah the process of doing it takes for ever to show. It's like it's like a year process yeah from start to finish so in that time he got a girlfriend and like couldn't into the show but he's like one of those guys like stays friends with everybody yeah so like i bring my girlfriend. I'm doing radio and national heyman. Do you want to go on the bachelorette nells like back. This will be the best. Oh my god. This is so i'll be like how is this like. Oh i'm gonna. I'm gonna be like the to do she for like yeah martha that sir. I'm not going to be so funny and then are they thought they were going to be like not not even cast. Oh and love dude exhibits all being so confident and laze fare like everyone i remember walking in and everyone was wearing suits and i was like i was up and i was just like and i was like oh. I'm under address for this and so i thought it was like the biggest joke in the world and i ended up talking to casting directors. You know you're supposed to go on for like ten minutes. Fifteen fifteen minutes yeah a hung out with them for like an hour. Am i gonna. I finally had to be like i gotta go back to the military kelly stop. This is a new guy. He does not our friend ed by the way kelly. The dog has now see my penis. She's she's so aggressive with her. She just jumped on your lap when she stopped. Yeah yeah good job. Okay so then you fell. They fell in love with you and then you're like now. I have to go on the show great well once. I got that far faro's like you're doing. Let's try it out like fun. Go travel around the world. I guess date this this check check to all right joe joe okay who you. You're never gonna end up with her. No because the calibre of guys that were there were so far above like me nerd heard like a hipster kid a nerd on the show but you're such do not a nerve. You're not you're five is not a nerd. Thank you like here's i like. You're a nerd. Oh god you had a job and you did like all the hard stuff like a lot of those guys were very smooth but because they spent all their time being a dish rainer the reigning you're watching last night's here and i are watching the bachelor and the bachelorette and tyler yeah you know i don't..

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