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It down here that's great discipline by used in bill because all the me he could it be could have just unloaded on all the run for me from behind blindsided him but he risk get one of those paddle these hitting the defenceless receiver so he pops them let's the tale back no he's there but he also held him up and i see in the rule changes habit affect back to throw arose into trouble spot or out it's sad press markets kid grow gross it had no chance tried to avoid the second down he goes after twenty seven yardline a loss of seven they're really well timed boy it's a secondary player and he just comes on blocks and when you get up blitzer especially for a second or third level the defense you either got to get a jersey on where you got to get the ball out it looked like that was just a breakdown structurally it past protection by the ucla offense at line third sad tonight for usca they came into this game second in the contrary in sacks for the defense with thirty six of it out thirty nine mike lacoss going down two zero it i think ucla may have called timeout and that's a tough time out to use to get away with it but were rare of it in some ways when you're third long very long if you take a fiveyard panel the i think in some ways bill that's better than burning a time out there down which really important year for josh rosa as he's looking at a third very lawn gate 44 to go on a third quarter his priorities taken care of the football here not turnovers.

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