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Of real estate between two thousand and six thousand seventeen so overlapping trump era addicted that saw unprecedented mobilization of migrant workers comprehensive immigration reform twice defeated in the us congress and the election of donald trump maze. Cocom foundation poured approximately one hundred and thirty eight million into the ten network that that same guy most of which would not have existed with her support in the first place so i help support the creation of all these things and after her death is a perfect example of like creating things that less they all this money Put into it. The bulk of that money went to fair. a. r. the center for immigration studies. Which i heard before. And i not know was tied to these people and so this book and numbers. Usa three of the biggest anti immigration tanks that tant either founded or nurtured in the trump administration political appointees almost every federal department that immigration as well as a stall assistant secretary of state nominee include tanta network post on their resumes. And i thought that was really a testament to how good this guy was at getting money out of these these people. Yeah so yeah. It's pretty remarkable. Yes so this guy was active from two thousand. This guy was active from like the seventy s. All the way to do now and most of us haven't even heard his name. Yeah keep it that way. They don't like him they're like roaches. Man they don't like exposure today light they may in the dark man. Yeah they don't They don't like attention. I feel like it's a big problem with the black movements though because because i'm black movements for example yet the black lives matter protest the first one second ones and we've had so many kind of names pop out of that. We've we had like the three black lives matter. Founders de ray all these people but if he has like who is a superstar came out of this fair thing man a lot of these names. Unless you're an avid researcher. The stuff you know rushton is not really a household name. is not really household. Name mc all these people like you know they're much better at Just getting the grass roots stuff done and and keeping their names kind of Hidden do you think it helps to have. It helps to have hundreds of millions of dollars to play with and serve experiment. What do you think that's deliberate or you know. Have there been people who have own wanted to be kind of superstars and make names themselves. Like yeah i think so I mean in a way cordelia escape maze older brother..

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