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Difference you'll see is genuinely when the cars are in service park and when they're driving through the EV zones on the road section, so they will be obviously a lot quieter in an electric mode. So I actually think that WRC has done a very clever thing here. They've lessened a blow, shall we say of the downsides of having an electric in motor sport when the action is on. So I think we're going to see much difference in terms of that visceral reaction as you said in the sport. They're still going to the pops and bangs. We all love and the spectacular nature of it. So I actually think the WRC can be commended for the way they've tackled its approach to being a bit more environmentally friendly, without taking too much away from the show. Their end with part one of gravel notes back in 2022 and join us as we talk about the championship next. Welcome back to the second part of gravel notes with Tom Howard. My name is Martin Lee, and I'll be joining Tom on a few of his podcasts this year to ask him the questions, but Tom, you are our man going to as many of the events as possible and that all starts with Monty this weekend. She must be so buzzing to go to that. You described it before we started recording as a bucket list events. So you're excited. Absolutely. Yeah. It's the Monte Carlo rally. It's one of the most famous there are. There is. Yeah, it's been on my list for a long time. So to be actually there and to be there for a huge change of the rules as well, there's so much to talk about. Yeah, I'm super excited to go. Let's talk about the championship then. We've gone it we've covered off the tech in the first part we heard from oga Solberg and Brie. Now let's talk about some of the championship battles we're going to see this year and here from more of the drivers that you spoke to as well for our 17 page auto sport magazine preview. In terms of the championship, drivers and teams, what are the big stories that your listeners need to be looking out for? Of course, the big story is that Sebastien ogier won't win the 2022 world championship. He is only doing a partial campaign for the Toyota. So we are going to get theoretically a different champion. So the key player and that makes his one 8 world championships including the last two is no longer there. So there's very much everyone will be fighting it out to follow in his footsteps to become champions. So it's going to be very unpredictable, also we don't know who's done their homework with the car, so we don't really know who's going to come out on top, but there are obviously some key contenders. So I think you'd be hard pressed not to have elephant Evans at Toyota Cali Ron Perry, his team mate. The Hyundai of tier novell and oy tanak and M sports Craig breen for me, those are your contenders for the championship. And yeah, it's an interesting mix of drivers there. Okay, that first name you mentioned there, elfin Evans. You caught up with him on the phone recently to ask him about that kind of runner up status. And here's what he had to say. Some of which have enough capacity over the last year or so. So it is the really difficult to predict and of course now we've got. Coming into the mix again with some driver lineup potential. So it's going to be very difficult to call who's going to be informed to be honest and that makes it.

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