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And tracking down terrorists, but the truth is often filled with personal and political challenges beyond those that screenwriters, imagine, Nita Bacchus worked in several jobs at CI including a targeting officer focusing on the founder of al-qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab, all's are cobby in her new book, the target or she describes the experiences and challenges. She faced along the way last week. David got on the phone with Nita to talk about what the targeting officer, does what it was like interrogating detainees in Iraq and the difficulties she encountered in getting her book to print, it's the law, fair podcast episode four hundred twenty three native Bucko on the target are. Nato. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me. You betcha. You've got a remarkable book, that's out the, the target or is, is the title. And that's title that may not resonate with everybody until they read it to find out this description of job that few people really understand within the CIA, and we're going to get to it, your subtitle, being my life in the CIA hunting terrorists, and challenging the White House. We're going to break down each part of that. But I wanna start a little bit earlier. How did you get to the point where you were even working at CIA? What road took you there? I was really focused on working overseas. And at the time that I finished undergraduate, it just didn't seem plausible that a US employer would pay me to work overseas. We were in a bit of a recession grad full just kind of seemed out of my grasp the time trying to figure out how to pay for it. Probably just pulled around for a few years. And finally implied. Now, something happened before you even.

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