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There's something going to happen life so now you played the game. That's what they do bat by in may to stop like that maybe at work they act like i m it may come in at and so now you now. Can you not officers day. 'cause they mostly most of the time before they retire. They do some bocek as good as me for saying that but they do something then they and they and deficit johnny. All my friends got recorded. Oh and we talk about people. Die young they. You know we're talking about young getting like you know it might not be a lot of money but you talk about you. Bring it home. Thousand minimum scale six thousand dollars a month and we talk about you only do not know. He did get up every day and while mathis checking account. I'm just telling you the stuff they do. And it's easy now. Because i twelve years ago so back when i retired when i was making something making like two hundred thousand dollars we're overtime now. So i got time and now three quarters checking like eight nine dollars. And i'm talking about 'cause they got record of that getting another twenty eight hundred dollars a month old security and about death and stuff like that. They act like they pay. Listen to me. You got to be a good actress. Ha listen to me. The word of the day bobby vermont. Could you put in his three quarters that would be that would be. That would be the word the..

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