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Know it was really a real thing lack current while who named that. That's why I want to for anyways. The next on you. How did a previous episode the on ice and Americans and their ice? This Americans love ice and they said that they found it strange. That American sold ice cold beverages even in the data winter. Yeah people eat ice cream and like drink snow ice cream. Sales are apparently the highest in the winter than in the summer. No sense like more people get ice cream in the winter than they do in the summer when you're melting in the summer. Yeah Yeah. I don't attempt ice cream like crazy in the winter and I don't understand why and then they get sick and then they they wonder why and how. This person's comment on ice was hilarious. That order any drink in a restaurant and two-thirds of is surely going to be filled by large ice cubes. Which we've discussed before then literally you get ice with a little bit of water win giving you less like beverage. Doesn't it like no wonder? Why ice ice baby is popularly hummed? There is ice ice ice. I don't agree with that but I mean the fact that they're thought advice but is true. I think it's just a way for them to be like. Yeah less pledged to drink. I have to give you so. That's the one thing I always was like is weird here as people eat cold stuff or drink cold stuff in winter like all year round. Yeah and I'm like why aren't you frozen already like cold and you're drinking. I never have that craving ice cream during colder time when it gets. Hot like Rosen drinks or whatever just like lizards what warm like. I feel like having US movie where I feel like having like you know I am but then most cool like just looking at it makes me go well while now alone no whoa no humidity song will well. No well no no. Whoa WHOA is not going to So the next one. They said that we literally have dry through his Almost very dry. What through almost every kind store from restaurants liquor stores. Who would you say drywall? Throughs drive through the.

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