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On crutches The Dodgers and giants of both won a 109 games this season for one of them the season will end tonight in nls decisive game 5 tonight in San Francisco the winner that plays Atlanta in the NLCS John stache our Bloomberg sports John All right John thank you It is coming up on 6 38 on Wall Street Time now to take a look at stocks and some of the names that are moving in the pre market after that were joined by Bloomberg stocks editor Dave Wilson the parade of bank earnings continues this morning gave Indeed and Bank of America up a half a percent before its results which will start that parade shortly Third quarter figures analysts are expecting earnings per share to increase 39% on revenue growth of 6% based on the average estimates in Bloomberg survey Now Bank of America slid yesterday by 9 tenths of a percent after results from JPMorgan Chase were disappointing Citigroup and Wells Fargo also dropped and their third quarter figures are also due today Along with those from Morgan Stanley which rose yesterday in response to strength and JPMorgan's investment banking business Wheels get earnings report due from a couple of stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average What is the story there Dave Well one of them's already out John UnitedHealth Group the shares are up 2% in early trading The biggest U.S. health insurer raise this year's earnings forecast after third quarter profit and revenue beat projections The other Walgreens Boots Alliance those numbers do out shortly The drugstore chain will be reporting for the fiscal fourth quarter We have TSMC Tywin semiconductor manufacturing up three and a half percent in U.S. trading The world's largest chip maker by market value forecast fourth quarter sales and profitability that surpassed analyst estimates Third quarter earnings also beat projections as TSMC benefited from strong chip demand You're seeing its U.S. rivals higher as well and video up one and a half percent Intel higher by three quarters of percent Advanced Micro Devices AMD up one and a quarter percent FedEx and UPS both higher as well President Biden said the package delivery services agreed to.

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