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As though close to peter's muppets finally get him asking the question. What is wrong with. Peter parker soul ship a couple of days stephen also or closed the racing one more day fans of hated it. Enough sleep like thirteen years. Come on emi quoting superman into getting married and had kids in the kind of book. And tv's i think it's time for one more day to disappear to yes. We have our that. We have our mouths. Morales says are single spiderman. So give peter's marriage that even if we didn't marriage that seriously yeah. Nobody likes the single mopey. Peter okay let them and letting the thin single movie. Peter quit talking about your dating life. Nice visit this episode of chock full of nobody tell rob naturally team plus i'm proud of phillip w. towns award chad peterson was a web of lies. Nobody's madame web. Good one check it up all right. So i mean yeah. I think we're all in agreement. Bring back marriage. She's a pay mary jane up to now. She's a fancy move side. It always checker. forty years. His underworld informant now with mysterious. Who knows where that whole thing's gonna go. I'm curious i know. Specialist cancel made james polk never out of witness protection. Maybe they'll incorporated in the book may actually get a backup. I'll now that she's interesting things. I watch like a couple of months. Black cat actually can get back up. Black cats is good. Is the last working well. Because this time. I mean these first couple issues are in the smack in the middle king and black ones could get past the black your weight it. I know it's like why cancel i mean like cancel. Then just bring it back for. The crossover was the whole point. You get a nice shiny new number one right in the middle at care about number once you're gonna. This is how you ruined the comic book industry. There's no. I know y'all did a lot of drugs in the eighties and nineties. But there's no one ever know wikipedia. History i mean you know you're getting a little renumber happy when you know black cat number three his legacy numbering fifteen. Thank you thank you. I mean god least least books. Get the like twenty five or something you know that. That's my nitpick matter. Yes we'll get to that on windows along boxes ascribed to the patriots plugs. Philip yaldo no like i know phillip. I can't wait for you. Automate uncensored is going to be glorious. Oh please got the uncensored charlie on the last page on your boob windows and long boxes. Subscribe the patient. You're sidled yes. Yesterday as her made his boobs dance people. You need to subscribe to patriot. But anyway yeah. I mean modern comics. You do not have to remember every time there's new creative team that our attention spans are so short like the people that are actually catering to the younger kids that they can't get anybody to jump. They all missed out on jumping on. So here's a new jumping on point. But i think that's definitely beginning to be a bit detrimental. I mean just keep the regular numbering going but anytime starting to just put first issue of a newark on the cover. It's like at anyone who not that hard. I know but have executives think executives people are idiots in china caters to the lowest common denominator in any one. Who's who's that butthurt about high numbers. Just let me go out and buy the trade paperbacks anyway. they're not getting the monthly. Floppy let them see. That's the point nine but that person no matter what you do with the numbering hers. Lumpkin apply month the month. They don't they don't understand. They don't understand their mo they don't work in calling talk the actual real comic book notes on the street. But you might get a better answer. Because i don't everybody that makes books pretty much. Were you know waste on them at this point off your creator. Heck a lot a lot. A lot of the artists and writers are literally juniors the people that don't work in the seventy eighty john remediation june. A couple of other ones too. So yeah yeah. I'm just worried for modern comics. Thought al-always had backup issues. I never collect all the books that truly want. 'cause i'm not a billionaire yet but see what i become a billionaire like a promise. I become vigilantes. Though then i definitely have to stop collecting comic books. 'cause techies expenses whole when you become a billionaire hire me. I'll i'll alpine sort by outbreak. Yes okay gotcha. All my god. I don't buy sort and even reader comments for you. Went thousand about upper well. Mr mistress hellfire. We can dream chad on that. Note the bills. We should probably pay. Rap has connection on hold on chat as they are thought on the legacy numbering. It's a legacy of legacy numbering bad bad legacy so bad triangle numbers. Sorry go hey. At least they give you the order order. There's chaos but yes the legacy of legacy numbering. Yeah you got your reaction to that. One chad.

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