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In front of the in the front of the mona lisa blue like that kind of stuff is bananas but the album is self sounded better than it felt rodney talked a little bit about the new nozzle did you have any thoughts there let me tell you man i listened to afternoon is album and it was the first verse on a wreck and he was already saying some that i had to fact check what did he say did swat team came around for the black panthers i did some googling i don't really feel like that was actual true answer like if you got a link to answer that for me that's fine but i was like damn now is like at least now this time you're not hitting the kids with the factual inaccuracies and oh by the way shout out to every single one of you who was mad as hell they were saying that stuff about donald trump how you would never gonna listen to kanye west which you will listen to an album full of kanye west beach with knives who we found out on his last album may have lied to us completely about what his marriage was in ways that we never could have believed at that time because there's good reason to think the nonsmoking beat the hell out of his wife and i ain't heard nearly as many people stop and they feed and talk about how they not gonna listen to his record as they did we over what is alternate a political disagreement like i get the argument that it goes deeper than politics year that's right but i think it's fair to ask this question like what's more destructive being an idiot in your eyes or the possibility that is is a real life predator all right ladies and gentlemen thanks so much for joining us here on the right time because thank you a couple of times a week baseman gave bassein for handling everything behind the scenes also thanks to mike snyder the usa today check out his story on netflix causing at and t and time warner to merge up check that out also talked to create timberg or the washington post about apple making it harder for five oh to get up in your phone and we think righty carmichael npr for talking about the beyond say jay z album that i don't think it's as good as he thinks it is but we are all entitled to opinions want to go to the sp's how about going against the guest that this year's host data patrick mega donation to the v foundation for cancer research and you could win a vip.

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