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Wentz has not been traded yet, even though leaks out of Philadelphia Have given people the impression across the country that Betrayed for Carson Wentz netting the Eagles. A substantial draft pick hall is imminent. As of now. Person wins has not been traded. That is your person wants update. Thank you Get whatever everyday events update Sounder. There was a Benjamin Alright report. He's an NFL insider yesterday that the Niners made a call Tolo. To the Eagles to inquire about Wentz and then Cara Folo from the NFL network is saying that The Eagles aren't getting the offers that they want. What? No, I can't believe it's all notion that they were gonna get anything even approaching. The Stafford deal was comical because Staff, then we got you know they only got that deal for Stafford because they took on golf's contract. Um, you know, otherwise, I don't think that deal would have been quite a biggest It was and Stafford is a better, more accomplished quarterback. You would think then went even though Wentz did have a terrific year. What year? That was that 27 17? Maybe I don't know. I mean, it's funny. It's like all this talk about quarterbacks and their people in the Niner camp that are like I love Jimmy. I love Jimmy. Then there's people that want to see them get go move on from Jimmy. And But then, every time you come up with the Who you gonna move on to? There's a whole group of people that are like I don't view that as an upgrade. Like for me, For example, I've you went is an upgrade from Jimmy. But I understand why people go. Oh, that's crazy. He was terrible this year. Um, clearly played went this year, but I think once is the better player. But then there are other people that see that they're rumors tying the Niners to Sam Donaldson and they like Sam Donald and they're like, Yes, Sam. Darnell's a better I don't view Sam Donaldson. Has better than Jimmy have you Jimmy as better than Sam Donaldson. So it's all beauty in the eye of the beholder. And you know there's gonna be people who are not happy when this thing's done because It's very subjective as to how good these players actually are. So she guys like Darnell, them haven't played a whole lot. Not the interesting question today and like this is all just Rode up in the air talk about it was probably never gonna happen, But one can be our Twitter. They ask the question. I think Chris Simms talked about it. Would you include Nick Posa in a trade for dish out, Watson? And I thought about that That is tough and I would do it if it were straight up. Because of positional value. Just because it's a quarterback for defensive end. I do think the defensive end or dominant defensive lineman is Number two on your positional value chart its quarterback in its game record on the defensive line, I was going to say deep into van but dark. Where Donald is more of an inside guy, but he goes outside to. He just said he disrupts the game. So that's a tough one. But I would not under any circumstances, including a package that includes other stuff like that would have to be like forget your multiple number ones like Bosa, Bosa and a two or both, said Three or two and a three or two and 42 and five. Some of something like that. But it would never be like, Oh, you get no one and both because to me both was Awassa is so good. And he does for defense. What a really good quarterback does. For what offense? He just makes it work. May we saw that last year, they still played hard. They were so pretty dang good, but they didn't get pushed like they did with Posa, and he's a little like Steph Curry in a way. And any superstar. They make somebody else's job easier. Everyone else get single coverage because they got to make sure they take care of this guy, and he's a guy that does it against the run against the past. He's young, he's still not making a ton of money. I mean, I just think that guy really tied everything together last year for that defense, so It would have to be who I mean. It's still be tough because you just be damaging your defense. But if you got a quarterback like that, I think you'd have to make that deal just because quarterbacks and more important than In defensive lineman. But it z. I think so much of that guy that when they say Well, we need a wanted to or two ones. And and maybe we get maybe, like, get out of here. You didn't know dude. No chance in the world. I'm even thinking about doing that, because this is a guy that I think once again, we'll see if he's healthy next year. He will make a difference is and I mean, of course, you could make a difference. We could make a huge difference in how good that defense is that that's how good that guy is, and that's how important a dominant defensive lineman Could be so I just You were healthier. I would I would put him on the I'm not moving him list. I would move them because of the injuries, but, um, but I wouldn't want to move him and I agree with you. I would not Wouldn't put him to me. He's a He's a got to be the number one part of the package. He can't be like a throw in, in addition to a bunch of number ones, and then then that's and I understand we're Houston's coming from. I mean, they don't want to move them. They were in the value. But it's gonna be interesting to see who ultimately You know, get has the power in this situation, and I think I'll let it go all the way to camp. I mean, it just seems really weird. I'll tell you. The other weird thing on the winds talk was that one of the team's kicking tires on him is the Texas So what does that tell you? Is that tell you that they're interested in quarterback? Battle E. I mean, off course, Wolf or looking for their next guy. You know if they move, Watson? I mean, what do you do at quarterback? Because they're not. I think the Eagles are getting a bunch of prank calls about Carson Wentz. Like, you know. Do you have the Prince Albert in the can. Is your refrigerator running? It's Carson Wentz. You're quarterbacking in the hang up into start laughing. I think these are all these calls about. Carson went and trying to get him and there being some sort of a bidding war. It's That that seems Seems unlikely. Doesn't it seems farfetched very much off the year he had. He was a terrible this year, but I will say this I death Richard Carson Wentz, for I P freely. We got a deal. I definitely think Shanahan likes went. I'm sorry, and I definitely think that but it's you know, he'll know about went better than most because of scandal Rela who was just with winds. So if skin generally we love any relevant gorilla. Bringing that up man was Carson Wentz was comically bad last year that rich can gorilla have anything to do with that. No, but I'm just saying, Rhys can't hold anything right? He just likes saying scandal rela. Oh, I don't know what it is about that, man. I know you love Santa Didn't tell your wife, don't you? You know this guy scanned a rela pretty impressed. So the skins you're rela. Oh, factor. Uh, When you weigh that in, Uh, no, but just because he's got knowledge of the player, and he could say you know what? Yeah, You know what? Carson didn't have a prayer or offensive line was terrible. Or you know what? Carson. Stay away from this guy. The teammates hated him. You know, he's gonna be able to give Kyle the straight You know the straight information and then it's just a matter of how Kyle feels about him. Kyle told us..

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