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On London D A B digital radio. Yeah. We'll be talking a lot about the European Central Bank. A lot today where you are not a lot of other juicy stories as well today, including a dramatic escalation in hallways row with the United States. But when it comes to the markets, it appears that global growth consent sort of putting a damper on things say I'm looking out over Frankfurt. If for those who've never been to our building here, we're sitting on some some tall floor. Overlooking Deutsche Bank towers and the mountains of Hesse, and there's just this these gray clouds rolling in these big storm clouds, and I think it's so proprio today for the great four euro-area economy. Right exactly expected to cut their forecast. Deeply for both growth and inflation. I'll get to that. In a second right now. The markets are down the topics down about eight tenths of one percent. The hang sang down also about eight tenths of one percent. Little more than that the CSI three hundred down one point two percent. If we look at what the futures trade is telling us, it's also flashing red arrows Dax futures down four tenths percent as our footsie futures right now US futures are down as well. And in terms of other risk indicators, we see investors buying the ten year bonds in the US pushing the yield down to two point six nine percent right now, by the way, the buns are yielding about thirteen basis points that moved a little bit yesterday on our story that the would cut its forecast, you can expect it to move a little today as well. As the euro right now, one thirteen o six unchanged against the dollar. And really it's been in this range for a long time. And the same is true of the yen at almost one twelve it's been in that range for quite a few trading days. Now, the pound at one thirty one eighty one starting to gain a little bit more ground, despite our story that Europe is that the EU is slightly pessimistic right now about the Brexit situation. And we have all at sixty six twelve that's Brent crude the global benchmark, and we see NYMEX WTI also gaining has also gained some ground at right now. Fifty six twenty-seven, Marcus. All right. We're just getting similar corporate lines out on the Bloomberg terminal. Matt Deutsche Post beating when it comes to both of the top as well as the bottom line in the fourth quarter and for the full year fourth quarter revenue six sixteen point nine three billion euros. The estimate was for a sixteen point five five billion euros the four year. Eight bit figured coming in at three point one six billion euros. Also, a smidgen above the estimate. When it comes to the full year dividend per share at Deutsche Post that is coming in at one spot one five euros. The estimate was for one spot one six euro. So a little bit of a disappointment when it comes to the dividend. A red headline also from Standard Bank of South Africa full year. Adjusted EPS is coming in. It's a seventeen point four eight round. The estimate was for sixteen point nine eight eight rand and the full year net income figure out Standard Bank is twenty seven and a half billion, Iran. So couple of corporate headlines that all right? Let's get to the top stories as we've been discussing. I am in Frankfurt because of the European Central Bank releasing its latest policy decision today. Let's get more on what we expect to hear from Bloomberg's Piatra school. Mouse key here. Paeans central Bank officials are poised to cut their economic forecasts on Thursday by enough to justify another round the longer term loans for banks do your area growth. Has suffered from rising protectionism and the OECD on Wednesday urged to signal a delay to interest rate increases president Mario Draghi will be quizzed about the features of the new Bank funding, but the details may not be unveiled until April in Frankfurt, cutting Muskie, Bloomberg daybreak Europe on the back of that. Let's cross over to Singapore to talk about the market for large Wes Goodman from the markets live team joins us now. So west let's kick it off with the then and what the fallout might be as the looks set to cottages growth outlook. What can we expect from euro bonds? Good morning everyone. Pimco had a very interesting report on this saying that Europe is really following Japan and recalled it in Japan. Ten year bonds yield zero percent and the nation is struggling to get its economy going, though, pimco says the same thing may happen in Europe. And according to pimco that means lower yields for longer, maybe even forever. You know, and it's already happening as you mentioned earlier German tenure yields are just thirteen basis points, which is pretty close to zero. So according to pimco, they may stay that low forever. Low rates for longer much longer. I guess if it's forever that we're talking about Qatar sold twelve billion dollars worth of debt. Why are you writing? This is a green light for the bond market similar story to what's happening in Europe. Central banks are turning dovish. We've talked about the, you know, in the US we had the Federal Reserve beige book out yesterday and the fed downgraded its assessment to the economy to the US economy. You know, there are several other central banks turning dovish. So it all it all adds up to unstoppable demand for bonds. The Qatar bonds were relatively high yielding bonds the four the ten year security pays four percent. But in Japan today, there was a strong thirty year sale and that bond only pays zero point six percent. So whether it's a high yielding bond or lower yields are there just seems to be on stoppable demand for for debt that you're keep going. All right on stoppable demand. Thanks, so much Wes Goodman for that for real time market, commentary and analysis. Check out markets live. That's M L V on your Bloomberg tunnel. Thanks, wes. All right. West talking about the the beige book from the Federal Reserve in the US the economy cooled in the first two months of two thousand nineteen. That's what we learn. From the latest beige book report, the fed says growth was quote, slight to moderate New York fed president John Williams says the central Bank can still afford to be patient risks. Just don't seem to be out there right now at all. And so again, suggesting somewhat better that we don't suggesting that we don't need to tighten monetary policy. Maybe as much as I previously thought, and that was New York fed president, John Williams. Meanwhile, the always CD has cut forecasts for world economic growth this year citing trade tensions and political uncertainty in its first reporting over four. Months? The group lowered protections for advanced economies with Europe bearing the brunt of the downgrade Sprague's it also singled out as a persistent threat in the UK. Thank God, we got to Brexit. I thought we would I thought we would never get to it this morning. The UK government is already mapping out. What might happen? If Theresa May loses the vote on her deal next week, Bloomberg's Alex Morales says positions have hardened after talks in Brussels this week. The prime minister is unlikely to seek further concessions from Brussels. And instead the government thinks parliament is likely to take control of proceedings by I ruling out in no, do Brexit and then voting to delay. Britain's departure from the block in Brussels. EU officials a pessimistic a deal can be reached and a reluctant to make concessions only to see any compromise fool to defeat in the house of Commons, author burst of optimism earlier in the week positions are hardening again and maize teams. He's Monday morning is the absolute latest. They can secure any changes to the deal after that the fate of the deal rests with the house of. Komen's in Tuesday's vote in London. Alex Merle is Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Meanwhile, Toyota is the latest company to warn about the danger of a no deal Brexit. Head of Europe, a Johan found Zile said may quit the UK if the country crashes out of the EU own bad tons so another bone is Brexit story for you that Matt thank you so much for that. Now way is suing the US government for banning its equipment from certain networks. The lawsuit is aimed at a US statue that blocks government agencies from using equipment from wall way and its domestic rival Z T while way argues that it's unconstitutional to single out a person or a group for penalty without a fair trial on the US accounts for twenty to thirty percent of the global communications technology market. So it's very important. We look forward to an opportunity to participate fairly in the US. This lawsuit is a last resort. That was always chief legal officer song looping. Speaking exclusively to Bloomberg's Tom MacKenzie and Deutsche Bank is making deep cuts to bonuses. While the lender will give raises to top performers. According to people familiar with the matter. Some Bank is in New York and London will receive zero payouts the PU for two thousand eighteen dropped to less than two billion euros. That's a ten to fifteen percent decline from twenty seventeen. All right. Let's get the latest in.

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