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Matchup or its final. Call right here on W W J a fifteenth straight victory to begin their campaign, and they let it wire-to-wire Charles Matthews and Jordan pool. Each ended with eighteen points is the wolverine shot over fifty percent as a team and up next for Michigan. They'll be at Illinois on Thursday night. Illinois has yet to defeat a big ten team this season and Michigan will go for sixteen in a row. Chris Villar WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. It. Looked like the Red Wings would actually win this one. But instead it ended in disappointment WW Jays. Greg NS reports from Little Caesars arena. Tough loss to the Red Wings as they drop a three to two decision to the Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals with the score tied at two and less than four minutes to go in regulation time Washington defenseman Michael kept knee to the shot from about sixty feet away. That alluded wings netminder Jimmy Howard for what true to be the game winner, Detroit led to two one after two periods. But the capital score. The only two goals of the third. Anthony mantha and Philip heraldic were the redwing goalscorers. So again, the final Sunday Washington three Detroit to Greg for WWE J NewsRadio nine for traffic and weather together in one minute. I spend a lot of time in the garage. But even more time in the rain. Sleet and mud. Ninety five I helped tow your moving trailer in five. Helped you get out of a ditch. Yeah. I.

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