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All right from Megan Kelly onto another thing. I was surprised that he even spoke about this. Or did this Jon Bon Jovi over the weekend? This quote of his went viral where he was talking about some reality TV personalities. Let me read you what he said, the iconic Bon Jovi singer and Anak. Actors. Well, he said, quote, I think it's her riffing that we live in that world, and I can tell you I've never given sixty seconds of my life ever to one of those housewives of blah, blah and card patchy, I don't know their names. I've never watched sixty seconds of the show. It's not for me. What's going to be in your auto biography? I made a porno, and guess what? I got they miss fun. Sorry. I'll pass go and write a book paint a painting act. Studies thing play right fame is a byproduct of writing a good song. He is old and out of touch. Yeah. To say, you're right. There's tons now of these social media stars and influencers they don't even have a traditional platform that are famous or infamous or whatever you wanna call it. And I don't begrudge anybody making money and to her credit. I mean back in the day when they started Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were peers, and whether you like it or not Kim Kardashian is a list, not a plus list. But she's not a minus list. Either Kim Kardashian is an a list star Perez Hilton is not and I love Paris Hilton. I'd say Paris Hilton is be minus maybe see pl-. No, she's being minus Lindsey Lowe Hannah's, maybe see plus back to Jon Bon jovi's point for second. I don't have a problem with any of his thoughts there. He's saying don't celebrate the person that. Their art is having sex on videotape in that's fine. We find them interesting, whatever arbitrary thing that we find interesting don't kind of be little you know, what? I don't watch the Kardashians. Either maybe watched five seconds of a couple of episodes. I don't get it. They're really not that interesting to me. But then again, I could watch the men hit a little white ball all day long on a golf course. Okay. So you know, what I mean, it's arbitrary arbitrary. But I get his point has his point is like he doesn't have to think they're anything special because he knows where they're coming from. And he thinks that he makes art and they don't they don't make anything. But that's not true either their show is an art to some people that watch it. I don't get it myself. But I get that some people do and why begrudge people for having fun. If you wanna watch it watch it, but who gives a shit. Well, he probably thinks the same about all of the Instagram people, and this that and the other, and I don't know it's just seems old out of touch. Oh, let me see how old he must be in his sixties. No, how old is Jon. Bon Jovi fifty-six. He's got no excuse to be an old out of touch, dude. He's not that old you enjoy. Lisa Vander pump. All those girls on vendor pump rules. They're all very skilled. If you know what? Lisa Vander pumps persona 'cause I've never watched them either. Like, what's her vibe? She's like the den mother, but as she a bitch Ono. Find her to be very sweet, oh, he's a very caring lady. She's very committed to her husband and her businesses, and she doesn't come across like an asshole. I like her. I think she's a really classy lady, why would have thought she was someone throws chairs and shit. So I watch bender pump rules. She doesn't give the drama. She's the one that calls everyone out for and she's she's great. We'll smart smart because then it isn't tarnish her brands, right? But she doesn't get too emotional when someone Scher's up. She's very matter of fact about it. She's a very good boss. She seems to be a good business owner God she could run business. I would be so great auto reality TV because I'm the opposite of that. Everybody telling you, you're wrong all day long. And you say, no, I'm not you would be great. You would they should give you a business to run. And we can all watch you run it into the ground. Basing. None of us would let you run into the ground. Well, speaking of Connie west, he if only Connie eight were passionate about making great music again..

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