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So tell us a little bit more about you so we know about your earners so tell us a little bit more about who you are and how you got into nurse and why why give me wanting to that career path. I'm a registered nurse. I work out of inner ear. Edmonson alexander hospital. I have been there poor working with each s health services for going to be twelve years now so i i got into nursing initially So i started working on a home. I realized that. I like the kid. I was provided. Further patients their clients. They're in a community and so my was actually my mom. My mother who thought that passion in me and encouraged me to get into nursing. I i sent buddy was insane. I didn't think that i would stat compassionate out you know a others. They always see things that yes necessarily seek out true. So she saw it. Encouraged its end side went on and Went to school for to become an. Lpn i the lpn. Basically is a licensed practical nurse. You go to school for two years here in medina or in canada mostly two years. It will differ from province to province. I worked as a practical nurse for about ten years techno eleven years. Yeah i was. I worked in the medicine general medicine. This is a word that basically you see everything across the nursing spectrum.

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