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I'm Rick Vincent for USA radio. News. This is an urgent health notice for all residents. Suffering from back, neck knee pain. You may qualify for our pain relieving brace at little or no cost to you. But the deadline is fast approaching simply called the health alert hotline. Now you heard right. You may qualify for pain relieving that neck or wrist brace. These items may even be covered by Medicare or your private insurance. The health alert hotline is your brace company these specialized braces have been tested for pain relief. Call us toll free right now to determine your eligibility and to learn how to use your private insurance or Medicare to minimize your out of pocket costs. Don't wait at the deadline passes. You may lose your opportunity to get a pain relieving back neck, knee or wrist brace at little or no cost to you. Eight hundred three zero six one seven six zero eight hundred three zero six one seven six zero eight hundred three six one seven six that's eight hundred. Three. Oh, six seventeen sixty. Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Kristen Hagopian show. Shout outs from everybody here in Studio B as we connect with our syndicated stations coast to coast via the biz talk radio network. Greetings to you all especially and I am loving all of the emails and the text this past week. It has been such fun. Happy holidays to you all, but I gotta give my special shout out to you know, who you are especially Mitchell Meeks and Kathy Tarver super fans listening in from the super talk Mississippi network this week show is brought to you by are carrying sponsors at national treatment centers, guys. This is going to be a pre prevailing message throughout our shows because everybody out there, and I mean, everybody knows a family that is fighting the effects of today's substance abuse epidemic. Maybe it's your family tree that's battling it or someone. You love. If that's the case pick.

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