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In Roseville California restaurant owner quorum Mifsud says he's excited for business to pick up now with dining rooms opening up I think the take out and delivery that's the new norm people are going to stay with it and as well as you're gonna be attracting more business to it so I think we will need to hire more people and put more people to work restaurants that do decide to resume business under phase two have to comply with a number of conditions including screening potential customers at the door the best way to do that sort of screening is still an open question not just for customers but for employees for more I'm joined now by NPR science correspondent Allison Aubrey and national correspondent Eric Westervelt he to both of you hi there good to be here all right Eric let's start with you you are in Roseville which is in plaster county that's one of the counties here in California were dining rooms are re opening what does it look like there right now yeah it was interesting I met this kind of restaurant plows northeast of Sacramento and Roseville there about a dozen restaurants and cafes here and you know some of them and have been you know doing take away only since the shelter in place started March but last night the work one out you know the restaurants in the county can really start to do the sit down welcome you know sit down customers with these restrictions and you know what restaurant owners I talked to said a kind of a buzz one around where they said you know we can start to partially reopen some of those restrictions including a space between tables after the cleaning plan they gonna ask people to to wear masks when not eating or drinking among some other rules and and I caught up with Korda Masud he runs this restaurant to a Mexican restaurant here he his crew were was super busy so frantically trying to pivot from take out only to sit down service as well we.

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