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To find a good deal these days just go to Jerry haggerty Chevy dot com and scroll through pages and pages and pages of pre owned cars and trucks and SUVs These are vehicles that are thoroughly inspected that you can trust that look feels drive even smell like new 33 years Jerry's been doing it hassle free Blaster like my treatment from these people We've had a lot of laughs We've had good times I had a question the other day called up my cagr Had a nice visit You're going to like the way they treat you too And they're going to find you the vehicle you want There are 300 Roosevelt road in Glenn Allen Tell him John Williams sent you Chevrolet Find new roads It's ten 21 on WGN All our lines are ring as frequently happens when you're in the studio ray caplan of caplan law firm financial relief dot com is her website if you want to find out more but anything else you want to say before we pick up some phone lines No but I think that one little thing would be that there are going to be big changes in the student loan world coming up in the next couple of years So just to keep your eyes open for changes that might benefit you Because you think that the program has been too generous Well I think that right now the push is to give more people access to relief of their loans but I think what's going to happen after that is that it's going to end up costing the government a lot of money and then there's going to be a swing in the opposite direction to give less people relief So if you're taking out loans now you'll be fine because it's going to be part of your promissory note your contract that you're going to be eligible for these programs But I'm thinking maybe for talking looking through a crystal ball probably in 2007 2008 maybe a little bit later than that they're going to start making some changes to make it a little bit harder to access this type of relief Yeah well at least we're not talking anymore about total forgiveness or $50,000 forgiveness or not really That does seem to have gone away Boy I thought we were going in that direction Everybody was leaning that way and now it seems to have dissipated too Trish you're on GM with ray caplan Trish what can we do for you You're on the air Oh hi Yeah my grandson is the senior now And we're wondering how we're going to finance his college or help them finance it So is it I've heard Yes they should get a student loan when I heard no it's not good for the student to get the loan So the deal So he's a senior in high school right What do you say So what you want to do and we do a lot of this pre debt planning with parents students grandparents in many cases is that you want to take out or you want your grandson to take out federal student loans as much as he can qualify for the way you do that is he's going to fill out the fafsa the free application for student aid and he has to disclose his parents income Whoever his guardian is their income and their assets and then the department of bed in the school make a determination of how much he qualifies for in his own student loans and then if you need more to cover the cost of.

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