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Super slow already with a ton of pressure is not just on your drive out out of the neighborhood although that's going to be a a definite hassle of got dozens of accidents on the side streets but the highways are jammed up by crash a looks like we still got that crash on northbound U. two five six that you are still got that crash southbound I. twenty five C. four seventy E. four seventies reopen northbound Quincy all lanes are open there but be careful on the toll road and all the highways is warning now we've got two crashes on the boulder Terbaik because well ones not enough was bound thirty six had a crash your church ranch now the back of the crash at Sheraton even the highways are super slick this morning plows are out to try to do their job but it is a super slow drive I'm seeing speeds are like a fourth of what they normally are what was somebody shot me a message on Twitter said that their ten minute drive to forty five minutes they should consider themselves lucky because if you've got an hour drive this morning you're going to be on the road for all workers so pack a lot of patience slow yourself down that shiny new truck you got don't be bashing it into a wall take it easy this morning remember don't pass the plows are working in tandem that's against the law this winter us to let them do their jobs but expect a super slow drive going over the mountains chain laws in traction laws started see four seventy so it is bad up in the mountains the foot hills Dr and even through downtown you've got snow covered streets and a slick drive buses and light rail also running off schedule right now they're struggling with the weather too this report is sponsored by discover get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer enclosure pike credit score and checking your score card won't hurt your credit learn more discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply next update in ten minutes on KO eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM available in over two thousand of vices this report is sponsored by would lease fine furniture it's a pinpoint weather alert a this morning for snow that is making roads treacherous up to an inch possible but at the worst time mostly cloudy this afternoon high forty two I mean urologist Brooks garner fox thirty one pinpoint weather would lease fine furniture celebrates forty years serving Colorado families Woodley specializes in hand crafted Colorado made furniture with custom options try out their new flex steel power motion sectional sofas and recliners for better build furniture.

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