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Is that the lid created in a lab? And the guy saw the video that was making the rounds last night of the arrest. I think it was on about 25th Street and Second Avenue. Which, if you're looking for a realistic in the city, they'll tell you is Gramercy. But really, it feels a lot more like Kips Bay just going to say Gramercy is Avery abused designation for a real estate purposes. There's a lot of ethic was on the city, too. You know, I don't know. I don't live in Hell's kitchen I live in. I think there's a It was midtown West. I think there's a new name for it. Now that we call. I don't even know what the new name is that I live here. Probably. You know, the The diamond Coast or something. You know, they're gonna have some name for it is on the Hudson River. You know, the gold Coast. I think that's what they call lower Fifth Avenue. Now I've heard. I don't know they could come up with these names. So Chris hey, sees this video. And Chris Hayes in the video says that it's going to be that it's that it's kidnapping that the video that he saw was kidnapping. And to that, I just know it's a video of an unmarked police car with people in uniforms and some people who are in plain clothes, making an arrest. Plainclothes officers make arrests that does happen. The plainclothes unit we know has been disbanded much to the The detriment of the city's security. Right, much to the detriment of the city security so I I just I've got to say this is this is Crazy. What happens? You have people with multimillion person followings who are trusted by by lives. I mean, I'm sure the whole borough of Brooklyn is practically up well at night, watching MSNBC and Leaving every word and they call it kidnapping. When it's a pretty standard arrest is not. But then you get deblasio goes, It looks too much like Portland. Oh, he's another live who doesn't know anything about police work. We're law enforcement and he's the boss of the cops. This is what we're dealing with. We might as well understand this is this is what we're dealing with. That brings me then, too. What the situation is here in Portland. So we've been told that after 62 nights of quote, protests Which, as we know, are at night riots. Protest, they say in the wake of George Floyd's debt. George Boy's death was a couple of months ago. Is every protest for the you know from now until forever about George Floyd death. Is that what we're supposed to believe? Cause we've had protests about statues getting top old Christopher Columbus. And was that about George Floyd, too? Do they even try toe make this coherent. Keep all this together? No, of course not. Of course not that that would be that would be too intellectually honest. Michael left for any of that. So here's what we've got. And as I said, we may have the D H s secretary joining the program tomorrow. Because turns out that some people in D C. Who run big stuff like this show a whole lot and know that we do good work here and tell you the truth. So here's acting Secretary Wolf statement on Oregon agreeing to cooperate in quelling Portland violent violence. Over the past 24 hours. Governor Brown and I have been in regular communications and have agreed to plan to end the violent activity in Portland directed at federal properties and law enforcement officers. The plan includes a robust presence of Oregon State police in downtown Portland, state and local law enforcement will begin securing properties and streets, especially those surrounding federal properties that have been under nightly attack for the past two months. Oregon State police police will coordinate the Federal Protective Service officers. To ensure all federal facilities remain protected, insecure. This plan is possible to the valiant efforts of D H s law enforcement officers protecting federal property, etcetera, etcetera President Trump Administration's been consistent our message. He has made clear his administration is ready and willing to part with state and local law enforcement and you see that commitment in Portland. The department and administration will also continue to fulfill the solemn obligation. To uphold federal law across the country. On DH. You know how the live media is, is responding to this. Oh, that's right. They're abandoning a day of victory of victory against the Trump administration, so federal agents are deployed to protect a federal courthouse. Which is as in the wheelhouse of federal agents at D. H s as you can, or US marshals as you can really get I mean, this is like walking into a bakery and saying, Do you make bread? I mean, this is what they do. It's a federal building. If they can't protect a federal building how they federal law enforcement officers. We all saw the Minnesota Minneapolis police precinct burned to the ground. You know, that's the lib expectation is that if the pro if the quote protesters, rioters, let's use the right term. Democrat rioters that is the proper term. The Democrat. Rioters get angry enough. They should be allowed to just destroy whatever building they won't. That's what that was the stand in her way. Come on. Monix unacceptable. Not at all. I'm not allowed to do that. That's the belief of the lips now and if they want to take your Taser and use it on you, you just got to get tased and hope that the person tasing you doesn't take your your service weapon and kill you with it. That's actually the belief of liberals now. You know if they're just using your own Taser against you. Sorry, you gotta You gotta use some kung fu or something. You've got a hand a hand combat that thing you can't actually get actually draw your your side arm. Order your service weapon. Rather sidearms. Guys are running around with them Force. That's a It's a different kind of service. So that's where we're at now. And you have Governor Kate Brown. And this this is this is the the election campaign of the Democrats, the Republicans. Battling it out right now through through an issue instead of through dueling campaign rallies and all this stuff through an issue, we're seeing the left on the right. Fighting each other. We're fighting on the right for Law and order and safety and security of federal buildings, federal officers and all people. Having the right yes to peaceably assemble, but to also just walk down the street without getting, you know, hit with a rock in there in the head because some psychopath has read too much Huff Post and the nation right that That's A part of this and you know the Democrats are obviously there the party off the mob. I wrote a piece last week for the halo. I mentioned to mention to you that the title of the hill dot com which a great website Was the Democrats are the party of riots. And that's really true. In fact, attorney General Bar yesterday said during that Shameful Democrat assault on Attorney General Bar said. That he wanted to know. Why is it that only Republicans Why is it only Republicans are Opposed to mob violence in activity with their public pronouncements. Democrats are sort of silent on it. What's that all about? Isn't that supposed to be beyond politics? Isn't that supposed to be an issue that everybody can agree on? Oh, Turns out, it's Ah, not that simple. Turns out there's a little bit more to it than that. That's what they would have you. That's what they would have you believe Their base is out there. Rioting they wanted to feed trumpet all cost. Nothing else matters to them. They want trump to lose. Everything else is a A secondary at best consideration. And so Governor Kate Brown of Oregon. Tweeted out that after my discussion, this Wass just this morning After my discussion with vice President Pence and others, the federal government has agreed to withdraw federal officers from Portland. They've acted as an occupying force and brought violence. Starting tomorrow, all customs and border protection and ice officers will leave downtown Portland. This is the.

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