Wofl President Trump, John Thomas Newsradio Wofl, Joe Biden discussed on AM Tampa Bay


John Thomas NewsRadio Wofl a way Do you have a 10% Rain chance today out ahead of a cold front will come through this evening. Otherwise a high today of 89 73 degrees of news radio W. F L. A the chief prosecutor in Hillsborough County, announcing several initiatives to improve justice for minority groups. One is building partnerships with historically black colleges and universities to overcome factors such as low pay to bring in more minority prosecutors. We weren't willing to just say we have to try harder state Attorney Andrew War and also wants to review sentencing disparities and create a test force with prosecutors and community advocates. His election opponent, Republican Mike Karate, insists Warren's ideas are similar to ones he's already promoting. Find out more and are beyond the news podcast on the I. Heart radio at Gordon Byrd, NewsRadio, Wofl President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden and competing town halls last night on ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos asked, Biting his thoughts on the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, said he was too busy campaigning in Florida to watch them live. I was on the road most of the time during these hearings So I didn't hear many of them. I just got the recaps when I get back, you know, being getting late at night from been going around the country Florida, and Biden was originally sent to debate the president onstage in Miami, but the event was canceled after President Trump wouldn't agree to a virtual debate format. Meantime, one voter asked President Trump in Miami what his plan is to get the US back on track from the Corona virus. Pandemic, says the bounce back Already taking place. We've sent billions and billions of dollars to the hospitals. In addition, hundreds of millions of masks and gowns and we went into the ventilator business because this country was.

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