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To see this was fully operating well I want to see a profit to the city I also want to see every detainee letters here treated fairly the residents still have a lot of questions we did reach out to ice to see if they could help answer some of those concerns and give us more information but as of right now we are still waiting to hear back in that issue issued from my witness news Kevin spacey's criminal groping case got thrown for a loop yesterday when the accuser invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination William little was in the courtroom for a pre trial hearing over the missing cell phone in his first public appearance now he testified that he and no one else deleted anything from his phone when space is attorney Alan Jackson asked if he was aware that destroying evidence was a felony in Massachusetts he was like I am now he kind of pull the Ralph Kramden yesterday I'm in I'm in I'm in so when they came back after recess little pleaded the fifth I guess you listen to isn't turning out the judge immediately struck his testimony and that lets species legal team to call for an immediate dismissal of the case the hearing concluded without a decision on whether or not the case would be dismissed so status conferencing hearing is set for July the thirty first but a a big win for Kevin Spacey at least yesterday a suspect in the Newport pellet gun and knife attack is being held without bail how come here's a native of phony from Eyewitness News Jay Sean Murphy was led in handcuffs before Newport's District Court judge Monday after police say he stabbed and shot a man with a BB gun Murphy did not enter a plea it was a busy scene outside the festival field apartments on Girard Avenue Friday night as local and state police.

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