President Trump, New York City, Judge Victor Marrero discussed on Morning Edition


Governor. Cuomo is dismissing the Justice Department's decision to label New York City and anarchist jurisdiction as a political play by President Trump. The Trump administration is threatening to strip federal funding from the city due to the designation. But the governor says the state will fight any budget cuts in court. Is it going toe happen? No, because it's illegal and it's unconstitutional. But its politics its politics for the next few weeks going up to the November election. That's all this is. DOJ says New York is one of three cities along with Seattle and Portland, Oregon that allowed violence and destruction of property to go unchecked. A federal judge in Manhattan has ruled against President Trump and the U. S. Postal Service. Judge Victor Marrero sided with plaintiffs who argued recent changes at the federal agency. We're slowing the delivery of mail. And could disrupt the election, specifically the on time delivery of absentee ballots. The lead plaintiff in the case of Democratic congressional candidate Mondale Jones, since the court is ordering the post office to take specific steps. To ensure a free and fair election, which is my constitutional right. As someone who is running for office on which is the constitutional right of anyone in this country. It was eligible to vote. A spokesperson for the Southern district declined to comment on the ruling and a spokesperson for the Post office has not yet responded to our request for comment. Tarting on Thursday. More than 300, New Jersey pharmacies will be offering free nor can to residents as part of the state's fight against the opioid epidemic. Nor can is a medication used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose..

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