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These. It's going out on Friday. You can hear an interview that Ana Marie Cox had earlier this week with e Jean Carroll. It's really powerful and you should subscribe to the show and be on the lookout for it. Okay Okay America has just endured two straight nights if Democratic primary debates hosted by C._N._N.. In Detroit for the first reaction we go to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and what a night I've loved it. Literally the only one was like a lonely opinion from sitting in bed last night like trying to calm down watch netflix and I was like man that sucked didn't feel good. We're going to get we're GONNA be you watch. I don't remember something boring on purpose. I watched John Wick three. Oh how's that the plots are to follow if you're looking at twitter too broad cities. I kind of get a laugh. We've been watching Shits Creek. It's famous anyway. WE'RE GONNA get to why the second I felt so horrible. Let's start with the first night which you watch pundit there. The first night which featured the following candidates Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren people to Judge Better O'Rourke including John Hickenlooper Tim Ryan John Delaney Marianne Williamson and Steve Bullock the evening began and with a feisty debate about Medicare for all that warrant in Sanders against John Delaney. Here's a cliff Congressman Delaney just referred to it as bad ED policy and previously he's called the idea political suicide that will just get president trump reelected. What do you say to Congressman Delaney? You're wrong along okay. He's wrong all right. Who Do we think made <hes> the better case for their healthcare plan on the first night and why warn the Gordon Yeah I don't even I think Bernie did a very good job but warren was able to explain the policy in easily understood terms but she also did it by telling stories about who would affect who would it would affect in how yeah I think she also her point? She kept coming back to the point about insurance companies and what everyone really hates about insurance companies. which is you fill out all this paperwork? We're calling them fifty times to try to get something paid for and their whole business model is to take in more in premiums and they pay out in actual healthcare and the reason they make all that paperwork..

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