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This is brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness if you are listening, and you're a woman that's age thirty five or over or if you know someone who is I think you're going to really like our topic today because it's all about hormones as women. You know, it can be pretty tough when you experienced fluctuating hormones, and it seems like when we reach age thirty five to forty are hormone balance just kind of seems to go crazy mood swings. Become an everyday occurrence. We might not get a good night's sleep. The only way to feel comfortable is to wear pants that have an elastic waistband. You just kind of load up your closet with stretch pants and leggings to accommodate that expanding waistline. Are you thinking that is so true? Why is this happening? Well, today, we're going to discuss hormone balance after forty while working with many many women over the years we've found that their hormones often start to get out of balance and even mid to late thirties. So let's talk about what's happening to your body. What you can do to get your hormones back in balance. My name is Kara Harper. I'm a licensed nutritionist I have a master's degree in holistic health. I'm also a certified nutrition specialists, and I'm very excited to be joined by MARCY Vaske. She's also a licensed nutritionist and has a master's degree in clinical nutrition. Yes. Logan morning car. I'm so happy to be here. Once again in studio with you same here. Yeah. We always have a fun time. And especially today talking about this. Topic hormones, right? Yup. Saying that before the show. I know we weren't we kind of laughed about it. It's perfect for us. So for many women between the ages of thirty five to forty it. Is that time before we are entering menopause, and for some women their hormones are going crazy. I know my lovely hormones have been China mess with me. And so fortunately, I have a little knowledge in this area. So I've tried to get him back on track. But this time before menopause is called Perryman applies which can result in a stressful hormone fluctuating time, and that's hormonal balance is nice often, easy and can really make you feel like you're kind of out of control because you've never experienced the stuff before. So many women have not lived a lifestyle that supported maybe good hormone balance throughout their lives kind of setting themselves up for some rough years ahead. And as I mentioned earlier Peri menopause is the months and years before the start of menopause typically starts so. When a woman reaches her, mid thirties or forties. You're in you're in that Perryman apostle age. So for all those listeners out there who maybe are dealing with some type pants and mood swings. He might want to ask yourself. Am I gonna paramount Opas experiencing fluctuating hormones, and if I am what are some of these symptoms? So that I that I might experience. Well, Dr Sarah Gottfried, the author of the hormone care, she offers a quick little quiz of twenty questions in her book that indicates some of these symptoms. So I think we should dig in and help understand where many you know, where you know, how to play this hormonal game. Yeah. And we're not gonna go over all twenty. I guess if we had more time we would. But we picked the top five questions to share with you. So the first one is it's emotional instability. So are you sort of bursting into tears with, you know, there's really no reason at a moment's notice are you experiencing poor sleep, you might wake up and just sort of ruminate in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. Are you starting to have? Night sweats where you wake up so sweaty that you have to change your pajamas, and maybe even change your sheets, and then there's weight gain are you gaining weight especially around that midsection, and there's also the fifth. One is sudden forgetful nece, do you walk into a room knowing that you went in there for a reason? But you can't remember why or what you were looking for right? Probably people can relate to many of those. I would guess for sure. Drills. Yes. The night sweats. No fun. You know? So so some women describe Perryman oposite is a time in their life. When they feel everything is changing, and it's just beyond our control. So the question is what is colleague causing obvious changes? Right. So at about this time, it's when a woman's ovaries are becoming less active slowing down and preparing for the body to stop menstruating. We are getting ready to enter menopause. So because our little ovaries have decided to close up shop. He may start having some symptoms that you've never experienced before such as car was just talking about, you know, those sleep problems that weight gain around your middle or the mood swings. That don't make you much fun to be around. Right and wait game to maybe weight gain that doesn't seem related to your normal activity. Yeah, you're exercising. Same that you always have your pretty much eating the same. But all of a sudden, you have an extra five ten pounds around that midsection. Right. You know, oftentimes will have clients come in. And be like, I'm changed nothing. What is going on, you know? Yeah. Let's just say indicator of your pre could be definitely getting into Perryman Apaz for sure in addition to that expanding waistline and trouble sleeping. You also may have things like your hair starts thinning. Yeah. You might start feeling more irritable. You might have adult acne, which is fun right to have adult acne and you're starting to get wrinkles. I couldn't get any better. Gosh, you also may be experiencing more anxiety, and there can be a lot of other symptoms as well. There can be things like more sugar cravings. You could be having some digestive issues feeling a little bit more bloated having headaches. So. Especially like, you were saying the weight around the midsection or just the weight gain in general does seem to be the most kind of concerning or problematic for that. We come to see you for sure, you know, it's the first thing. Sometimes the first thing you notice because you're always thinking, why don't you know, you're looking at your stomach you just don't want that weight gain. Well, that's my people initially come in. And then you start asking them questions now. Like, oh, yeah. I guess I'm not really I am forgetting some things or my hair is kinda fending. You know, it's it's putting it all together. So, you know, we know now we know the symptoms of paramount applies, and we understand the ovaries are not working as well as they could be and our hormones are out of balance. So the two hormones that are causing are problem is estrogen and progesterone. And when the basic estrogen progesterone balance is disrupted that's when women and up with these symptoms. That's right. And you might be wondering what disrupts this estrogen progesterone balance? Honestly, there's a lot of things that can create this imbalance. But you know, if we're talking about nutrition eating a lot of processed carbohydrates and foods or beverages that contain sugar can certainly cause an imbalance of estrogen progesterone, and the reason that this happens is, you know, let's just say somebody has a bowl of cereal for breakfast with milk and a banana glass of orange juice the blood sugar. Is going to go up too high. We're gonna the pancreas is going to release insulin to bring that blood sugar level back down. And if that's happening day after day year after year too, much, insulin in the bloodstream is going to lead to too much estrogen in the body. That's right. So that's kind of how we get that imbalance of estrogen to protest thrown through nutrition. Exactly. And you know, mercy I used to be I mean, especially in college years, I'd say more high school in Cali. Yeah. I was kind of a pasta girl, you know. Oh, yeah. Lots of pasta bagels cereal. Process carbohydrates. But we were trying to deceive carbs in. No fat. Right. Exactly. That was my deal that was the era of everybody's eating low fat. We'll talk more about that. We thought fat was bad. But it's not it's right. So unfortunately, eating like that year after year when it gets to be Peri, menopause time women are more likely to have these symptoms. So we really want to be eating not the process Cobra carbohydrates, but more of a balanced eating plan. Right. Exactly. Like at Wayne wellness plan. Right. Right. Like our nutritional, weight and wellness balanced plan. Exactly. So maybe it's just been a poor eater your entire life. You know? So for years he might have said to yourself. Well, I'm gonna do something about my nutrition. I have to do it. But what happens? Life gets in the way, you keep moving forward, and you might say to yourself. Okay. Now, I'm going to do it. But then I don't have time to. Cook. Now, I don't have or I don't have the money to eat healthy or I'll just worry about my nutrition when I'm older, I have more time. And then suddenly you're older, and you feel what wired anxious bloated in your pants are getting tight. I mean, this is not is not by though procrastination with your nutrition often does not turn out in your favor. Right. And it's so easy to do that. I'll tomorrow or next year. It'd be my year. I'll start next week. That's for sure. Yeah. So we're gonna take our first break. You're listening to dishing up nutrition changing your diet from a convenience food eating plan to a real food eating plan takes education, and it takes a lot of practice. That's what we provide nutritional weight and wellness and we recommend starting with a series of classes. So stay tuned because when we come back from break mercy, and I will talk about some of those class options, and please give us a call today. If you're listening you can call us live in the studio at six five one six four one one zero seven one. Hey, it's Marley from you.

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