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I'm i'm rooting for a friday to get it. I can't lie so i mean. Rda shoot for the stars. He calls for connor pretty unlikely to happen anytime soon. But you never know. Ahead of january twenty third. We are in a very strange time in the world but aka when you look at rda and you kind of talked about with the landscape of this division looks like some of the names that are up there but the main reason he wanted to go back to fifty five is that he feels he can be the champion once again. So did that performance did that fight. Did that win. Make you feel like you know what i think he can get back there or do you still need to see some more before making that decision. I think he can't look habib. Is the only guy who i would say as long as around. Let let let's say tomorrow. He's announces that he's not retired. Guess what nobody i. I don't think anybody is getting lightweight title. That's not named. W so it s already. That'd be kinda mcgregor disappointing. Just gave g twenty perks. Anyone you wanna name beat. But he's out of the picture. Rda is is more than just in the mix. I like. I said. I can't imagine it being more than like a like if he's an underdog at all to some of these names more than like a one fifty underdogs pori mcgregor gates. You guys. i just named Maybe ferguson Beat him so i'd understand. If for example was heavily favored. That's about the only name. Otherwise he has the skills just kilowatt to match up with any of these guys of empty five you know. I know the is a big sticking point for some people but just from what we saw saturday it. It didn't look like he'd lost that much of a step. So i'm yeah i really. I don't know if i can say enough that. I think don't be surprised if there's some circumstances where some injuries happened so matchups. You know don't materialize scheduled. Rda slammed into some sort of vacant lightweight title. Fight we in michael chandler. You know in the summer who knows where we just don't know enemies predictable and in a fight against chandler. I i wouldn't. I wouldn't count them out either. So the words half elder sanyo said light. Uc lightweight champion in in the year of our lord. Twenty twenty. one is not that crazy. Jose do you think it does that crazy or do you agree with the only crazy part. I would disagree with would be twenty twenty one. I don't think he's gonna fight for the lightweight championship in the two thousand and twenty one just because there seems to be a lot of fights that need to happen so i don't and i again if he got the title shot based off of like like. We had talked about like being that standby fighter. I think that would be the best case scenario for him to get that lightweight title shot and a hundred percent. I think he could be anyone. Not named habib made off. But i would say the same thing about justin h. E. i would say the same thing about doesn't portray conor mcgregor. Tony ferguson. anyone in the top five at lightweight could be the champion of the world. If habib never made off retires and i would throw designers right in there could be any one of those guys. You do this big round robin this big tournament of everyone fights everyone and then you move forward kind of like the world cup. It would be hard man. There's a lot of fights in there that i think it'd be fifty fifty match ups. Of course i would slightly favor some guys but connor fought does employ. I would slightly favor connor at. That's had no way means doesn't employ can't win that fight because he is a completely different fire from their first rematch. So i would absolutely grew hatfield assigned us into that category. Same is michael chandler. Same as dan hooker. Any of those guys can be any of them on their best day unless they face habib Who's gonna probably retire undefeated. Unless he fights george saint-pierre and other catchweight or go up to one seventy if george drops to one fifty five. I would heavily favored habibur made up. But that's an entirely different conversation. We can have down the road if that ever happened so yeah failed to sign could absolutely be the champion the world. I just don't they ll be happened in two thousand twenty twenty one. The moral of this round ladies and gentleman is put respect on. Rda's name k. Paul felder is a freaking g. For taking that fight just is also a g for accepting it and winning the fight so we will see where he goes from here. The point for around one.

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