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Is is what you are willing to give up what you're willing to do and what you're not willing to do so where do you draw the line because when you draw the line that's when you've started the whole thing all over again there's absolutely no point none whatsoever while you know because part of the discussion the first meeting was you know again remember 'cause the players back in late august her release of timber uh one of their demands was that they have a social justice month right so the nfl's promoting social jet dassault at at at that point what you're saying is you've got to promote the liberal politics what we believe well then that's what the nfl must become been they're going to have official nfl pigs sox right it supplement nfl dot com but only during that month seriously how much for the tickets i will pay as you know it it's it's funny because uh who was it was it uh i can't hose i don't know which was sports writer was because member some said how come nobody has the guts to speak up and back colin kaepernick could somebody brought up the fact hachem nobody has the guts to challenge colin cap to call amount right to actually talk about the substance of what he's talking about and vis nobody will do that nobody would and nobody the nfl talk about the substance substances we've talked about many times what are the stats right is there institutional racism uh in police departments aarp police departments as he said getting away on an institutional basis of killing black men right now they're not that's absolutely false absolutely false we we've gone through all the numbers we done it on the show how many times over the last fifteen months it's a rare thing that happens it's a rare thing that a police officer or by the way did you see how many oh i got i got to find it i don't know why i we didn't get to it maybe it was brought before vacation we never got a chance to get what i gotta find the article the talked about how many police.

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