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Make sure you're making you're making the most out that's right. Hey I just got no next Sunday. Who's going to be the homer and who's going to be the hater. A problem is finding another hater. How'd you find another hater? What somebody can't play the role? I mean Brian. Likes to play the he'll it's just sometimes very good. He likes he likes to give genuine opinions. And he's got his genuine opinion That's just how it goes so things at Pinedale curtain dot com. My hope is you're not going to see much change at all. You're just GONNA see or have to be song on. Well here's the biggest thing but big. We looked the same writers. All our writers are still on board and still producing content. My Goodness I. It's funny because you know yesterday was a holiday. We were just got stuff. We understood people had things to do. Then all of a sudden you know today. I'm like all right. Let's go we. I had great great. I mean I had to choose between so many great articles for today. I just spread about tomorrow because we had. We had a great film breakdown by Jeffrey Benedict. Today we had our cliff. Harris is still a punk weekly article that comes out and out lies that lines all kinds of great stuff. We had flipped salary cap article. We had the defense and special teams all millennium team out today. I threw a little piece out there. I hope the title wasn't misleading. As I said the XFL Is going to affect the steelers twenty twenty quarterback situation meaning comparing the last year? Because it's not going to be because it's not around this year and last year. The options on the Open Market Ben. Roethlisberger got hurt. Were really cut down. I mean the steelers even reportedly tried to some guys from the XFL and the xfl said now so for people like we've got upgrade that that position. I love it Cam. Newton's not signed anywhere Cam. Newton needs to sit back and wait and I love that. He's not signed. I love it. Other guys aren't signed out there because if worst case scenario we can you know. Spend that money when you have to spend that money. Why spend that money now My whole point was especially after falling up with lips. Article with the state of the salary cap. Was If you don't have much much cap space. I mean but you need to create a cap space to do something. It's not impossible. You can do it that. You're Y Y guess which reserve role you're going to have to fill people like we gotta have for Ben. We can't have it for everyone because that's the that's the nature of the salary cap. What happens if we go out and sign someone like a Cam? Newton and case Ben goes down. Ben Plays Sixteen Games but another key person where we don't have much backup you know. Maybe from a position. We're talking about tonight. Goes down and with the steelers have. No answer. Wouldn't be much better to that. Spend that money to go get help there so I think it's smart what they're doing because there's more options this year there's going to be. There's veterans out there. There's going to be other veterans cut after camp that you have other options and I liked the whole notion of giving Rudolph the practice. Reps is the backup. If something happens with Ben you might be bringing in somebody else to still start over top. Rudolph and still have be backup. But if you don't if you don't get him at those backup reps and practice you're not going to be able to figure out his development nearly as much so that's something that I thought. A lot of people took it too much saying all Landry Joe now picture Landry Jones on the article didn't mean that that was the answer so I just go get it doesn't mean it wasn't an option. Yeah just wasn't an option was now if you look at how he played for the xfl wouldn't have been that good of an option anyway so but It's just crazy you know. The steelers always carry three quarterbacks on the roster like in the only one time in the Colbert era they hadn't and it just happened. It was in week two of this past year because once they traded dobbs they put hodges on the practice squad so the only had two. And that's the. That's the game on your franchise. Quarterback goes out for the year. Just it was like a perfect storm of where was info when we needed? Yeah exactly exactly so glad to see people coming in. Hey if for those of you about the podcast. That are like boy. I wish you got to really come up with the schedule okay. We're going to do our best to try to keep our times regular but the other thing we're doing now because being editor. I have access to our twitter account. So here's what I'm trying to do. We're going to test and see how this works about fifteen to twenty minutes before every show goes live where. I'M GONNA tweet it to give you a little bit more of a heads up so if you follow behind the steel curtain on twitter you could see that at no. I know. The show's coming that way. You could even jump in. If it hasn't got the alert you go to the channel. You're GONNA see that picture of the back of Juju Smith Schuster Jersey. That tells you that a show is loaded but hasn't started and you're already here so there. It is at the bottom of the screen on the ticker a curtain. That's the twitter handle. You just follow. Was there and you have much better idea of what Tom are going on. So I'm hoping that something that could be more service to those that like to join the live chat or for those of you watching later or listening. That's never caught a live chat. This could give you an opportunity to check it out and see what it's all about so rich. Hey I saw you in person today. I was very nice. It's been a long day. Yeah Yeah his look..

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