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For the first time in NBA history, we had a finals game outside the US last night, the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors game one one eighteen to one zero nine you have to cross an international frontier to get to Toronto. The NBA wants to grow its brand everywhere. But for now it's probably happy to see Canadians getting into this marketplaces, and Euler reports Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America. Pretty big market for the NBA, but Kevin pelton who writes about basketball for ESPN says it's not just people in Toronto who were cheering for the rafters, the rest of the country has jumped on board and the raptors have impressed in courage that with their slogan. We the north. In fact, a lot of people south of the border are rooting for Canada's team to it's the underdog. The warriors have won two straight championships. This series might not boost the NBA popularity across the seas. But sports business journal editor John Iran says the league does have a nice marketing opportunity through a famous Rafter fan, Canadian pop. Music star Drake who cheers courtside at all their games. They are able to sort of get into the entertainment. President is get into some of the music press, and it really goes beyond, just really hardcore sporting press, an NBA title would be something of a homecoming, the raptors can pull it off. Dr James Naismith the creator of basketball was born in Almonte Ontario dealer for marketplace. And in New York, I'm David Brancaccio. This is marketplace morning report. From APM American public media. We have another hour of morning edition ahead. I though it's traffic.

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