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Support for this podcast and the following message come from td ameritrade you take pride in cheating great things and td ameritrade specializes in helping people like you achieve your most important financial goals by coming up with a plan for a complimentary goal planning session visit td ameritrade dot com slash podcast hey it's alex from albany oregon i'm sitting here three fifty in the morning with my three week old daughter and future supreme court justice josephine listening to the npr politics podcast and trying not to fall asleep before she does this show was recorded at i've been doing a lot of stuff at three in the morning lately it never occurred to me to record a time stamp a smart thinking though it is to ten pm on monday may twenty first things might have changed by the time you hear this here we go enjoy the show hey there it's the npr politics podcast another weekend twitter explosion this one ending with president trump here by demanding that the department of justice investigate whether the fbi infiltrated or surveilled his presidential campaign for political purposes i'm scott detro cover congress i'm kerry johnson i covered the justice department and i'm mara liasson national political correspondent carry another weekend of deadlines and very nebulous confusing multilayered stories for you oh good it's right in my wheelhouse well we all appreciate it when this happens and you can come into the studio and help us make as much sense as there is to be made out of something we'll do our okay so let's start with the tweet and work our way backwards it's a good policy in this era so this tweet comes at the end of a weekend full of talk about secret informants and the russia investigation kerry what started all of this there were some initial reports that an f b i source had been in contact with three trump campaign advisers what we know about this here's what we know a couple of newspapers reported that an fbi source someone who lived overseas an american professor had been in contact with three different trump foreign policy aides in the course of the campaign in twenty sixteen those aides include sam clovis who was at one point i involved in the leadership of the campaign george popadopoulos a foreign policy adviser who ultimately pleaded guilty to line to the fbi and carter page.

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