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Chelsea beat west brom three meals to bring to an end at disappointing run of results eddin has out school twice the north the the weather is uh unit ones bike with un today uh he is time for british uh the funds uh you know we all expect a good game anna and we did well uh to the first minuted to hand we we give roofing we scored three goals uh with the retook clinch it that's our was abboud for the confidence chelsea are now fourth in the table west palm of five points adrift at the bottom at winter olympics or high hopes to britain's lease christie will win a gold medal in the short tracks speedskating today she starts the event at ten o'clock this morning with the final at around twelve twenty we'll have more on that later in the program here the racing selections are two horses run at sutherland to twenty number seven american craftsmen and it 25 minutes past three number three swashbuckling thank you gotta d'amato radio full launches the world's largest have a survey on luminous his claudia hammond we are apparently living in the loneliness capital of europe that what is the real picture of leninist in the uk today day this wednesday on all in the mind we launched the loneliness experiment which we hope will be the world's largest ever survey on this subject we begin by hearing from those who feel lonely those who study it and the people looking to find solutions to the problem then it's your turn young or old and whether or not you feel lonely now find out all about our survey by listening to all in the mind the loneliness experiment with me claudia hammond tomorrow afternoon at three thirty on bbc radio four so now is 630 listen today already for jumpers unjustly where the niels legs who over the summer the news reports in south africa say the president jacob zuma has been older to resign by his own party the ruling body of the african national congress discussed his future to meeting lasting thirty knows mr zuma has been accused of corruption but denies any wrongdoing.

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