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News time, four forty eight and attempt by Ellen Degeneres to play peacemaker between Kevin Hart, and the Oscars is getting some pushback correspondent Jason Nathanson has the story this afternoon art backed out of hosting the Oscars recently after past homophobic tweets and jokes resurfaced that some took issue with and in a new interview for Ellen Degeneres is talk show some seemed to be most upset about one part. Somebody has to take a stand against the quote, unquote. Trove they're going to win. If if if you don't host the Oscars, many online saying that being upset with hearts perceived homophobia doesn't make them a troll, and they're not happy with DeGeneres, forgiving heart cover degenerate says in a tweet that the only positive way through all this is to talk about it. And she thanked Kevin Hart for the interview appearance on Ellen show Hart said he was evaluating whether to take the hosting gig. After all Ellen has also been an Oscar host wins news time, four forty nine. The New Jersey government employees who says her. Allegations of sexual assault were ignored or downplayed has filed a notice of intent to sue the state, Katie Brennan's, notice alleges that governor Murphy and attorney general Kirby or gray wall acted negligently and with reckless indifference when it hired Albert Alvarez Alvarez has denied Brennan's allegations. Brennan went public with their accusations in October Murphy's office declined to comment after getting a late start. The city is rolling out the fair fair program for low income residents. The program was supposed to begin January. First Blasios says they are doing a gradual roll out of the half price metro cards, and that I thirty thousand is the opportunity to test with a substantial number to make sure everything's working. They will be working public assistance recipients the next group of one hundred thirty thousand we'll be snap. Recipients council speaker Cory Johnson helped usher in the program. The turnstile can be the. Door to unlimited opportunity. The woman who received the first card says she'll now be able to take her daughter to check out the high schools. She supplied to Julia Papa ten ten wins. In Harlem wins news time four fifty a day. After his surprise announcement about the L train that he was pulling the plug on the shutdown. Governor Cuomo is explaining how he came to that decision. And he urged the MTA board to quickly review and vote on his alternate plan, which would allow trains to run during repairs by using a new tunnel design technique and a conference call with reporters this morning. The governor said one of the factors that led to his decision was no pushback. He got from an angry Brooklyn business owner pulled the lapel of my jacket went on at length about his dismay on the L train. And it was going to hurt his business. Many Brooklyn I had already rearranged their lives in anticipation of the show. Shutdown. The governor says New Yorkers can be a little skeptical, and he could see why they would be skeptical in this situation wins news time four fifty one from the.

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