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We believe in it. It's everything works together, so and we do so Yeah, lot of credits him staff. And again another the leadership in the locker, the guy's backpack. Mara, drew war Jack Chris Captain. If not older, but just good leaders to grab hold of the Group at the Right Times get. The BASAN. On. League buffing I've been in a couple of lockdown. Every year is different so. A lot of credit to those guesses route, so the leadership in general I guess is a good. Okay, so two wins right off the bat you know feels like you. Guys are are moving in the right direction. Are you guys like thinking mls? Cupper, boss, the season, or is or your aspirations little less lofty. I mean I think every came with probably where the gleyber dot would say that. I think for us. Our talk was probably more so. Game by game, and a, and a lot more short term, but for sure we we want to be a playoff team. I think you know we've seen over the years the league that once he gets the playoffs who the hell knows you know. and. In a lot of has to do with the formula in. The playoffs, but yeah I, mean we. We don't want to rule up being cup contenders. We want to get to the playoffs. You know do our best from there and see what happens because like I said. You know anything can happen at that point, so we put ourselves position like a chance to. Make sense Let's talk about the group real quick, so you got drawn into group D with a rail Salt Lake. Sporting Kansas City and Minnesota united. So, what were your? Initial thoughts when he saw who repaired with. super supernatural was yet loved to avoid the you know more or less. The teams have been crushing it over the years ahead. Drama Seattle Elliott Atlanta so buzzing about that, but second actual who? Go down. There play three teams that are really really close to US geographically. Then, Heathrow on our rival ourself. The first game Ronaldo through. A completely random draw behind that. La Let's say. In envelopes might have been frozen little better. Team was. But. But no exciting rope. I think we definitely chances going into it You know something else. Logistically is just getting used to some of these ten thirty PM, Games, and we've got I think we've got one one eight o'clock in to ten thirty, so just kind of get used to either what you do for the day or how you it up and just prepare in that way, but Each team's challenge. You know we're going to prepare weekend. Wake up but but we like. Our chances are group pressure. It does one of the more evenly matched groups perhaps. Just feels like wide open. Who would you say your biggest threat to win the groups? I probably would say Kansas City over the years. I think Bermuda's really good job with this group. They're always up for their always organized. Thirteen. Liga town declares not the you know. The teams are but. I would say most of the time that's. That's probably out of these teams would probably rate. Well, there we go. Your first game. Is Sunday playing RS L. as you mentioned rival big game, obviously best of luck out there as a fan. I should say really do appreciate you. Guys actually do in this period. It's great to see some soccer here in the US. So Thank you for that. Thanks for joining US obviously as well and you know hopefully. You'll haven't scared. You can come back and we'll actually do like a real real. Sit Down Hanson drinks and talk a little bit about your career. Maybe bring somebody else in. We'll just shoot a little bit more. When you talk about special series the. Me On. Is. I think you're. Great best of luck Sunday are Colorado. Everybody checked out. All right so there. We lot of great interviews. A lot of good stuff. Gimme little sensible bubble. Life is all about from those guys. It's it's interesting. Time.

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