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About how pain has a devastating affect on our overall health and now how her glucosamine cream this is a natural solution is a way to really get to the I guess the root cause that's right of pain in the body before we get into that doctor Janet I'm gonna ask and I know this is hard for you because this is this is emotional but I think it's important for people to understand how you got to where you are today are why what what's driving you and if you could share the story I'm sure well it was first at a lot of personal pain and pain that my husband had years ago he had DA's severe osteoarthritis throughout his body at this same time I had fibromyalgia right so I was really on a quest to find something all natural to help him have a better quality of life and for myself as well I mean I had to the function and raised three children during that time let's talk a little bit about what's in your glucosamine yeah cream well I did a lot of research on glucosamine I know how good it was so I came across the fact that emu oil is a powerful natural anti inflammatory and can carry most any ingredient right through your skin and deliver relief to your area of pain so I took emu oil and glucosamine I used by as well which is an Indian arms it's an anti inflammatory okay for all the lane that's an enzyme known to be an anti inflammatory okay NSM the national organic sulfur that is also just as important as glucosamine and rebuilding and repairing our choice and so I put that all together in a cream that actually has no odor it's graceless it doesn't freeze the pain it doesn't burn the pain it doesn't irritate your skin goes in fifteen minutes later you have relief so that's why I'm here to share what I know and share what I have right because it rice then I have this here by the way folks because me cream comes in a plastic dispenser that has the pump top on it it's a pop it is the only one to two pounds depending on the area okay of pain of the nation but sanitary you know contamination so you don't have to worry about it becoming rancid okay now in terms of this getting into your body then you're talking about a couple things right here not not only relieving the pain but also make building re read the rebuilding part so how does that work once you apply the cream to that area that you're gonna target okay you get the information to go down the body heals itself the body heals itself provided you give the raw materials it needs I am giving you what you need for your body to take over and do the job that was meant to do and that's email okay and this is safe you did nothing you have to worry about I have to worry about a thing if you're taking drugs for pain it won't conflict with that at all none of these ingredients okay so what what he is then a realistic expectation of somebody calls today and and wants to try your glucosamine cream what would you tell them I would say within the first fifteen minutes you're gonna notice that your pain is greatly reduced or even eliminated okay and then over time you can rebuild repair your joints with that information being taken down that's going to restore flexibility and mobility and sleep I mean if you can sleep again that's where our bodies get all of our recuperative regenerative ability to heal and then with that being taken care of all the things that you love to do you can start doing again traveling exercising so you can lose weight right socialize with family and friends you can be the life of the party yeah pain really changes who you are because of all of these are the things you your do that can't do herds very difficult to deal with in terms of of living a normal life that's trying to live well you can't you're right you can't live a normal life and your life is changed forever and get this thing taken care of and you can't yeah then you got people out there that are that are already getting great results right some more emails and letters if you like to hear sure okay let's see if.

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