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It is that it's not grass told me in the courtroom minutes earlier that she intended to put the dna profiles pulled from this body and into combined dna index system or codis that's the fbi's criminal justice dna database she said recently that state police do still intend to submit it but they've got a jump through some logistical hoops first as it stands william virgil is again an innocent man despite the 28 years he spent behind bars he's never been convicted of murder according to the law you get to enjoy when one of these verdicts gives overturn do you do you enjoy it you have a glass of wine that night or is it more like okay and now the next one magsi a of us wining were angry oh we're happy for the person the be different if they dropped confetti from the courthouse away apologized stab story okay but this is one of the reasons i don't like the word closure it doesn't really exist the site we watched unfold at court a man freed from prison on a sunny winter day to overwhelm to speak would make a great final seen in a movie about his ordeal but it's nowhere near the end of the story it's the weight of that that linda tries to lighten by chuckling like a 12yearold boy at the word duty she and gemmer are back at work every day trying to save their other clients but they're doing so with less money in them when they started as that federal grant has long since dried up elliott slow sr is readying for another trial and another wrongful conviction case and he's working on several civil suits in hope of giving me exonerated men he represents some money to at least start their lives and new.

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