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Braintree WBZ Jim McKay with more governor Baker towards Simmons industries they manufacture kitchen implement products but since Colbert nineteen hit they've been manufacturing PP equipment for those on the front lines as governor Baker talk to workers he said people are on board with the new normal as they head back on the job the people were okay with the idea that they were going to be changes in the way they actually did their work social distancing the workplace for those phase one employees and as governor Baker notes it will reshape the environment and will be an adjustment period sort of physical constants associated with work is clearly going to change and with that obviously will come some pretty significant changes along with the Simmons industries is already saying now that the word is out the rope and they were able to re hire twenty five employees as they're starting to see orders and demand coming back as the Commonwealth gets back online Jim McKay WBZ Boston news radio the governor was also asked about Boston mayor Marty Walsh's comments that the twenty five percent capacity limit for office buildings re opening in terms of employees there is too high our our recommendation was up to twenty five percent okay and we expected some communities will go up to twenty five percent starting on the twenty fifth of may the decision the city has to make the city of Boston has to make is whether they want to go up to twenty five percent on June first for up to some other number but that was considered from our point of view a cap with respect to phase one and we're expecting people make decisions based on a variety of issues with regard to how far they want to go and how fast on that one for most of Massachusetts offices will be able to re open next week in Boston though that's not going to happen until June first and while some say that the governor is moving too slowly to re open business others say is going too fast congresswoman Diana Presley tweeting that the Baystate is not ready to re open she says the governor's four phase plan for reopening the economy is a false choice between public health and economic recovery two new studies out from researchers over at Beth Israel deaconess Medical Center shining some hope in the fight against corona virus that story is coming up but first let's get right back to the roads here for traffic and weather together Kevin Brennan starts us off the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Kevin all right lord look at some big delays up to the north here one twenty eight north bound brake lights approaching these pothole crews now after main street in Lynnfield not quite up to Salem street yet once you get past them though then you for all jammed up here just after centennial drive in Peabody getting up to the right lane closure at Endicott street in Danvers with just the left lane getting by they're also on the southbound side that right lanes blocked at Endicott street near delays are pushing back to route thirty five over in Medford you got slowdowns on the.

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