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Rob van dam. Ozzy osbourne from the celebrity win and wanted to me employee's rich cairene Herring excuse me was the warrior award winner I watched it so each class of inductees was about an hour and a half long so three hours. Total on tuesday night I'm going to sound like a twitter. A tweet here. Dr troy from that tuesday night. I i always enjoy the hall of fame ceremony. But i i'm with everybody here. It was It was kind of awkward. Given the way that they decided to do with this year with the the fake crowd noise in the virtual crowd and that was the part that threw me off. It was like you hear the audio gap it at one point. You're like. I don't think they said anything applause worthy there and then another point that would say something. And you're like there's no noise prevent like that should be a quick foot. it is. You know they're trying to make the best of your crowd. This situation But yeah it was. It was kind of awkward about. I was just waiting for a random business awesome. Chance break out in the middle of a rich airing speech do you think. Do you really think fans were in attendance. They would scream or start chanting one more match the nikki and brie bella. All baby obviously have a following otherwise w would have kept him around long as they have so. I mean there might have been a smattering of those. I mean heck. I mean it's kind of like a you go to a sitcom taping or conan. O'brien say they have the little applause meter that pops up. you know. They might of course the crowd to give them a one more match chance but i mean in reality. The die hard fans like us are kind of you know in different when it comes to the twins matches but they do have a very strong Popularity obviously the tv show has been around forever. Got a spinoff merchandise. So there's a strong popularity of about their. I do like the bella twins. I did feel like w we did. Pipe and a lot of stuff. That was a bit awkward. I thought the red carpet stuff was bit awkward. Because if you're going to do the right carpet like why don't you show the wrestlers in the crowd like to me as a fan watching at home. I just felt like that. They told everybody to bring their suit or really nice gown or dress for the red carpet to eat taping event We'll just record. You guys like d- you know answering random questions in between each inductee and that's really that like they really didn't sit there. Maybe some of them sit off the side. But i don't think that they sat there. I mean you know it was I think you said it best. I think they made the best out of a really awkward situation Or tough situation. I should say with the hall of fame. Ceremony was nice. See the class of twenty. Twenty finally acknowledged The class of twenty twenty one getting acknowledged as well they didn't go on and on it wasn't a five hour show like we're used to in some speeches that would go for forty minutes But i also felt like some of the speeches were were cut like a little short like maybe not three to five minutes that they were giving. Maybe like ten till i give them an opportunity. I'd like to talk about their careers. I would like to hurt. Hear what each of them had to say a little bit longer. Rather than having amazed tell me about like his favorite rob van dam match or something I guess if that was the one little change like if you put a max a cap on the on the speeches. I'm down with that. But like let's say ten minutes is that of like three to five heavy edit had because i felt like there was Some heavy edits in. Molly holly speech in particular. I don't know how you feel about that. Dr try i kind of felt. Tamales of you know like the celebrity shattered ozzy. Their speeches made it sound like they didn't even know what they're getting duct. Thank you for this award slash trophy slash shirt certificates you know. It was his awkward. Like collies as release. Sure your like. I'm sorry i can't be in there but we see them free nights later. It was like okay. Thought you couldn't be here but now you're here so why couldn't you like there was it was like you said earlier it it was awkward but i you know unfortunately for the inductees as it is what it is given the circumstances i think. Wbz went in with the mindset of booed me thought fans cared about who they may have thought they were indifferent about in the ones that they thought that fast by pierre were heavily edited which is unfortunate for you. Know the shatner's the osbournes. The volley hall used the collies. Jewish lighter got like thirty eight seconds. The same like You know it just it kinda seemed like hey we know you guys don't really care about this where these people because we feel obligated in some way and We're gonna kinda focus on you know. Jbl the nwa bischoff kane and rubbing damn theme of it is a They made the best of a really tough situation. So hall of fame in the past there. Hopefully we'll get in front of crowds again in twenty twenty two. Let's carry it over to wednesday night. Nfc takeover stand delivered in night. One recap review. The first match was on the pre show. Zoe stark defeating tony storm. We obviously did not predict that match. Dr trae My notes from this match is that. Nfc officials seemed to be pretty high so we start and i cannot blame them huge win for zoe started at the most recent number one contender at the women's championship and former annex e uk. Women's champion and tony storm I would not be surprised if tony sort is the fe. Stark is the face of the nfc women's division by year end. I think the sky's the limit for her. I think they really like her. And i think she could be a huge name here soon by year. End franek stay on. I really want actually kind of want tony store in Start knows the name they star zoe starts are very stark. Yes i was always talk in tony storm join forces and call themselves tony. Stark mu seo. Three off. I know the names gotta do go together. It's like you know it was a good performance. I she kind of reminds me of that like you know the early stages of the baileys into sasha like baby phase. Happy to be here kind of push. I think they see a lot of potential in her. And i think that's where they're gonna run with. I think she's one of the people that we're gonna see an annex t for a couple of years and long-term build the women's division around her before she finally goes the main rogers she still very very young as well Let's get to the next match here. Pete done taken on. 'cause shida. I had pete done winning. Dr trade piton. Winning piton did defeat kushida on wednesday night. I would have liked to see this go a little bit longer. The book and if you sheet is still confusing running a bit but understand why they had. Pete done win dream matchup on paper that didn't carry over like i had hoped your thought pedone defeating kushida. Won't you have higher expectations. Because for me. I was like it's probably opening match. It'll be good competitive match and they'll give it a little bit of time. But they're not going to give it the full amount of time that we've probably deserves. Tell what i got. So i was satisfied with my expectation where you might have been expecting a little more. Good technical skills like hunter shirkers. Rebulk guys are good at an both guys that other uninjured which i think is also a big factor so Like i said i thought it was. I thought it was a five match. I just didn't know if you give them twenty to thirty minutes is gonna be great. You give twelve. It's going to be a little bit less Six men gotland eliminator match to determine the number ten for the annex north american championship on night to dr train. I both had dexter lewis winning this match. Leon rough as is for isaiah swerve. Scott bronson read cameron grimes. Dexter aluminum l. a. night bronson rain got the victory. It was a surprisingly good match with several surprising results throughout the gauntlet match I thought it was very enjoyable. And i was very happy for swerving re to be the final two participants bronson read dr trae getting the victory here and got to face johnny gargano to your thoughts.

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