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And aaron but did not commit to regular season. And this is just me wondering. But i'm wondering if there's any chance the sharks could end up playing in kansas city. Why kansas city and we've seen exhibition games there before when the penguins were going through their ownership situation and rumors of were taken this thing to kansas city. We'll see a later. The nhl had to go around with kansas city in the seventies with the scouts owned by ag owner of the la kings. You always look for that. Maybe it's a kind of trial run. I don't know it just makes sense and also don't forget you have two teams in the central time zone in that division. The saint louis in minnesota. It balances out the travel a little bit. Is that rink ready for hockey. Oh yeah that ring could host hockey. And i wanna shadowed friend of the pod paul mcgann. Nobody in kansas city. Loves hockey more than paul mcgann. And i hope it happens for him because he'd be very excited. But i'm just saying that. I could see the league at least looking at the possibility of that because it's an ag rank. And i bet you edgy would love to have a team in there. Why do you say that. I'm just thinking about this. They've got to central time zone. Teams there in saint louis in minnesota so it adds a third one is out the travel a bit and maybe a give the nhl run there. So what changed elliott late last week at the beginning of the week there was some skepticism about the january thirteenth. Start date which has been the target From the league for quite sometime It was looking like or trending towards something in february and then that seem to change suddenly on friday. What happened last week. I just think they decided we have to come up with a plan and we have to go. We have to play. So this is the go and adapt model of talked about. This is the baseball but just get started. Don't over think it just get started in figure it out as you go along. What i've heard is that on the board of governors call on sunday. No they voted to support it. I mean what else were they going to do. They're going to support the plan but they understand. There's a lot of hurdles like right. Now they want to open up in their buildings with fans and that is the goal and is the time that we take this. Both dallas and florida said. They're going to try to have fans in their building. I know that other teams expected vegas would try to have fans in their building to if they're allowed to bite. There's no guarantees with anything. I think everyone recognizes this. They're going to try. There's gonna be a lot of obstacles. I mean look at what's going on in the world around us. I mean you have to be a complete ignoramus not to see what the challenges are but at some point you have to say this is our plan and we're going to try and i think they realized if they didn't get it done before the holidays it was going to grind to a halt and instead of just moving everybody back a week. It could be longer. I think the players wanted to vote on it. I just think it the we got to a point when said screw it. let's go. Let's prove it and let's see where we go from there. I think we all have a number of questions here and not all of us Have read the. What is it sixty two page document yup. I'm not sure how deep you've got into it. And he liked to take things like this to the beach and read them poolside. That's just how you role in the summertime. But what is the biggest question that you have about this thing well. I haven't seen the schedule yet. The only game that i really know about is i've heard anaheim's opening up in vegas. I don't know why i know that. That's one of the ones i've heard. Someone told me that the schedule was supposed to come later in the week. We we know what the divisions are now. I think that's what we're all waiting for. Now is the schedule is to see what exactly it's going to look like you know we have all the dates and now i think the other thing we're going to have to wait for is let's see the move star coming. I think the move could start coming any time. Now so you're hoffman's and your sami vatanen cetera. Here comes is dana chara. here come the signings. I checked on chara and they still think they have a little bit of time. Obviously there's still time. Well now we know how the cap is going to work. And i actually think it's pretty interesting. How they did this. They've basically said that you're going to be able to bank cap space by keeping your roster twenty and putting guys on your taxi squad so on days where you're not playing you're gonna see a lot of paper moves to put guys on the taxi squad and if they're making either you can take off one point zero seven five million or of they're making under that you save their cap space right so you'll see a lot of paper moves and things like that like this guy is on the cat so i think that's a smart move by the players association to agree with that too so i think you'll see your barzal signing. I think you'll see your waas signing and you'll see your uf as your your grand lands your hall as your vatne's your hoffman's probably a couple more goals get signed all this stuff. How quickly does tampa undo the not. Well tampa has until obviously puck drop. Which right now is scheduled for the thirteenth. I know that some people have credited me with this. It wasn't my scoop it was in and we don't even know if it's true yet but it was. It was year. I saw it in a european. Someone sent it to me from europe. Were somebody i think either. Russia the czech republic reported that tyler. Johnson mike at traded for detroit for the l. tr of henrik zetterberg which actually makes a lotta sense. And we'll see if that's actually true..

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